Modern Warfare 2 For Wii - Leaked By Gamestop?

SystemLink: "Gamestop. You know Gamestop, right? The massive, American-based game shop? Well, they're about to become your best friend. They recently sent round a newsletter to all their U.S. based fans, and one receiver noticed something very odd about the choice of Wii games."

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kidnplay2986d ago

Wow, more and more amazing and shocking stuff coming out of Infinity Ward's studios at the moment. Will be interesting to see what the comment is from Gamestop.

mjolliffe2986d ago

It could be from another developer though, like COD4: MW Reflex with Treyarch...

Forbidden_Darkness2986d ago

Yeah, just like how the first modern warfare for the Wii was developed by treyarch

Sunny_D2986d ago

Meh, why not? Cod4 came to the wii, although hoepfully it doesn't take 2 years for it.

TOO PAWNED2986d ago

Seriously, does anyone give a flying f..k about this?

qface642986d ago

i would guess the 1million plus people who bought the first one on the wii care?

i guess???

Sunny_D2986d ago

^Lol, it's Activision. They control the milk industry.

fatstarr2986d ago

Someone should photoshop kotick on that picture over the girls face. lol it would be his meme.

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jkkfreelance2986d ago

looks good. Wonder if it's something IW are doin or if its from a diff dev?

SpoonyRedMage2986d ago

It'll be done by Treyarch if it comes but I'm not convinced. Treyarch will be busy porting their latest COD to the Wii.

It's actually quite surprising how well Reflex did, especially in comparison to other Wii shooters.

amogrr2985d ago

I like Treyarch a lot more than IW right now.

fatstarr2986d ago

I would like to see what will come of this.

cod4 for the Wii wasn't half bad.
It should be developed by treyarch since IW has been confirmed to hate any cod's on the Wii or something like that.

Lets just wait and see lol. Excitement for a game that already came out which I own copies for both systems. -_- smh.

Dave13512986d ago


amogrr2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And yet, there'll be a lot more girls playing with it, than with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.