Spider Man: Friend or Foe E3 trailer

Keep your friends close and Venom even closer in the game that takes Spider-Man's biggest enemies and partners them with the webbed hero

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Havince3998d ago

his most feared enemys working with him ?????

Yaoi Sangheili3998d ago

This game will obviously be filled with humor and funny cartoon antics, with bits of action. Co-Op expected, 4 players max perhaps? I'm guessing we'll be using a system similar to that of Marvel Ultimate Alliance[SP? Not even sure if that's the right game or not!] Anywho, if this game follows one of those cheesy "1 button mash" schemes that allows you to defeat every enemy, with powers used to get past certain parts, I doubt I'll show this game any interest! But if it can be indepth enough that use and combination of Spiderman and his Enemies' powers are a must to get through the game, both enemies and the scenes themselves, then this may be a must-have title, but most likely it will be simple in control scheme, since it feels to be built around a twelve and under audience. But this is simply an opinion and some assumptions based off a simple clip.

jromao3998d ago

Without playing a DEMO, I will not repeat the mistake to buy it as I did with Spider 3, awful game.

MyNutsYourChin3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

It reminds me of a bunch of toddlers dressed up in costumes as Spider-Man story characters running around and having fun.

This is probably not a game for the serious gamer but it's surely an entertaining addition for the casual and kid gamers. One could loosely draw parallels in the comic relief and adolescent visuals with the LEGO series of games. This is a game to have fun with, especially if there is a multiplayer co-op mode.