Halo 3 Special Edition Console will NOT Include the Game

Here are the first official details released directly from Microsoft for the limited edition of the special edition Halo 3 Xbox360.


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SuperSaiyan43878d ago

You would have thought since its HALO 3 Microsoft would have made this a true special collectors edition.

First of all there's a good reason why they didn't include the game, those interested in a HALO 3 edition are of course the die hard fans and no doubt would have pre-ordered the Legendary Edition HALO 3 game.

But to include a 20gb hard drive is very poor on Microsoft's part, they could have at least made it a 120gb or better yet since its HALO 3 made it a 150gb or more.

I personally think the console does look very nice but if it wasn't for the 20gb hard drive I think I would have probably bought it.

Havince3878d ago

youd think they bundle the game with it

Yaoi Sangheili3878d ago

This is just a sad attempt to grab at those who would buy anything that's Halo related, being in the hype it is, I'm sure everyone Halo fan would like to say, " I own a special Halo edition Xbox 360!, ", but lets face it, it's just an overall failure and will be except for those few foolish enough to buy into those "collectable items" hype-a-thon. It's great if you've got the cash to blow, or do not own an Xbox 360 as of yet, but with no price yet mentioned, there might be clearly a better choice, but IF this supports the revised schematics, codenamed Falcon, then this may be lower than the Premium, but the lack of a bigger HD is what kills this entire product, due to the fact that this has been cited as a bad mistake on Microsoft's product.

TriggerHappy3878d ago

The introduction of a New SKU will not help Microsoft recoup losses at all. Why did they not just introduce a new price drop or something of a similar nature instead ?

Yaoi Sangheili3878d ago

This new sku may appeal to those who barely put in hours on a console, but enjoy the HDMI output, but that does little to justify the 20GB drive. I'll state again, unless this is one of the revised schematic 360's and with a cheaper price than the premium, there is nothing legit reason to buy this unless you simply are a Halo fan or you don't own an Xbox 360, but the latter isn't definite due to a lack of a pricetag, but I guess it'll cost around.. 300$, IF, and ONLY if it's got the new parts wired into it's system.