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Japanese Singer GACKT To Play Villain In New RPG

Popular Japanese rock singer, actor and all-round hunk GACKT has yet another title to add to his rather impressive list of video game involvements.

At a recent press conference held in Tokyo for the upcoming PC RPG, Dragon Nest, it was announced that GACKT will be providing the voice for the villian Belskard. He will also be singing the game's theme song, which is set to be released as a single on June 16th.

GACKT's entrance at the press conference was spectacular, as he showed up dressed in Belskard's outlandish outfit, complete with glow-in-the-dark dragon and eerie fog-effects. (Dragon Nest, GACKT, PC)

Credit url: mainichi.jp
Pozzle  +   1833d ago
This man will single-handedly take over the Japanese game industry. I'm betting on it.
erathaol  +   1833d ago
I'm not sure but he seems like a good fit for a JRPG. Even a good fit for a Hack-n-Slash game.

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Gen0ne  +   1833d ago
@erathaol: Hack and slash you say?
Bujingai: The Forgotten City, and this game was pretty good to boot. One of the sickest parrying systems you'll ever see in a game. I'm actually really surprised nobody's ripped it off. It's PS2 and very rare ( I got one! ) If you ever come across it, check it out.

Edit: Oh yeah. The tie in to my statement here is that I think Bujingai is Gackt's first video game appearance. In a hack n' slash no less.
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erathaol  +   1833d ago
Bujingai: The Forsaken City
I just brought it up cause he looks like someone from Castlevania in that pic I posted but its interesting to know that he was actually in a Hack n Slash game. I'll keep an eye out for Bujingai, I'd love to have it in my game collection, there are some real gems out there that the world just ignores.

As for copying the Parrying system I think you speak to soon. One day someone will Copy it and you'll be the first to say, "I knew it!"
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MisterNiwa  +   1833d ago
Believe it or not.

Gackt was Genesis from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. :I

I think he has the face for a good JRPG Villain.
va_bank  +   1833d ago
Bujingai WAS pretty good - I should still have my copy somewhere. However, tt took me half a game to realize that Gackt was a dude.
Yes_2  +   1833d ago
Heh. At least its not another Final Fantasy game he is in
Yes_2  +   1833d ago
So whats this RPG all about and why is Gackt in it?
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1833d ago
The FFVII cerberus song from gackt was crazy.
booni3  +   1833d ago
his song Mind Forest is a great listen. this guys been called the male ayumi hamasaki. Hes a perfect fit for a game.
Godmars290  +   1833d ago
This only works,
If they use Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" As the theme song.

(Okay, maybe not - but they should!)
sashimi  +   1833d ago
Ok so they got me interested.
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terrorofdeath  +   1833d ago
If a Final Fantasy VII movie were to be made, GACKT would be the perfect choice for Sephiroth, don't you think?
Pozzle  +   1833d ago
He'd be he perfect choice for EVERY Final Fantasy character...

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TheBand1t  +   1833d ago
LOL Is that seriously what this dude looks like? Ahahahaha
lightningsax  +   1833d ago
Wow. This is what businesses call "synergy." People will play the game because Gackt is in it, and people will know who Gackt is because they played the game.

I knew nothing about that game, though. "Dragon Nest" sounds like a Monster Hunter me-too, but that's just the title. Here's an IGN impressions article from November, since this article didn't link to anything about it: http://pc.ign.com/articles/...
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KidMakeshift  +   1833d ago
Hunk? No. Demi-god in Japan? Yes.
I like Gackt, but the man weighs 120 and wears more make-up than a mexican prostitute.

This really isn't that surprising since he's in like every japanese "bishonen" game
Senden  +   1833d ago
"hunk"? The guy is probably joint top staight feminine guy there is alongside ville vallo.. if the majority of women think of him as a hunk, i'd be very worried.. imagine if guys all of a sudden started going for butch women? Whatever is the world coming to :S
Pozzle  +   1833d ago
He did win Japan's Sexiest Man award multiple times in a row. Tis crazy stuff.

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