Gears Of War 3 Influenced from Lost Planet?

Gameguru "However, this entirely may not be the case since we have seen similar creatures in another game titled "Lost Planet" and its upcoming sequel."

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dangert123165d ago

They were litruly the same game just in one you could jump and could run faster and the other had a cover system i'd like gears to play as fast as lost planet =)

281219863165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

This artice says it all...

822119863165d ago

essentailly fall under the same classification so am not exactly surprised

822119863165d ago

something like this to happen as well

dangert123165d ago

did the get ride of collecting them orb things to keep your life up in lost planet that sh*t was annoyin you could't even mess around in that game just had to the mission and thats no messing around in the robots etc

ThanatosDMC3165d ago

The Thermal Energy (T-Energy) drain was such a b!tch in the first Lost Planet game. It made it like a time attack mission based game. I'm glad it doesnt drain anymore.

But six campaigns means only 6-7 gigantic monsters and the fact that we all ready killed one means that's 5-6 less of the giant monsters we'll fight. I really hope Lost Planet 2 wont be as lacking as it seems to be. The monster we've all ready killed is the Salamander boss from the demo. I hate the fact that it's also Zone based since that means enemies will be limited per zone and wont be able to go as wild as we possibly can and the problem with linearity... so i ended up putting pre-orders on two copies of LP2 and two copies of Red Dead Redemption.

3165d ago
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Niles3165d ago

is Lost planet sans the color...

100003165d ago

with mechs you are in the wrong game brother...thaT'S Zone of enders for ya or gundam...

dangert123165d ago

if i've played the game completed it
why should't i be able to mess around every single game from cod halo mass effect etc lets me take my time farsing around
games are about fun so shat it =)

281219863165d ago

what bout Metal gear...That has mechs in it too...and tentacle like creatures

donstar3165d ago

Ho'd metal gear land up in a discussion of Gears and lost planet

Nebulas Zero3165d ago

Which tentacle like creatues were there in Metal Gear? Also, I think he means the aliens bit, like the tentacle-bearing aliens or something.

MastermindPS3603165d ago

yes mgs did have mechs to and laughing octopus boss defiantly had tentacles

ThanatosDMC3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Obviously never played MGS2 or MGS4...

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donstar3165d ago

why on earth should you forget that...

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