Five Xbox 360 Games to Own E3

Things are looking up for Microsoft's console. After a fairly tepid 2009, many had predicted that the Xbox 360 had peaked, but with a line-up this strong, plus Project Natal, it's looking like Microsoft's year.

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Jedward-3103d ago

No 360 games will own e3 they got no games.

Wrathman3103d ago

my god the tears your supplying today are just outstanding.

gawd i cant stoppin lapping them up.more jedward more..delicious!!!

infamousinfolite3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Why people keep saying X console has no games?

I guess Halo: Reach is made-up. Gears 3 was never revealed on Jimmy Fallon. And that game the ps3 fanboys were bashing because a forum says it was "547p" (which is not true) wasn't real.

Yep 360 has no games.

Edit: I got disagrees and I'm pro ps3, wth?

The real killer3103d ago

If you call(360 has no games), what is it then?

ape0073103d ago

Reach, this game will own

-Alpha3103d ago

Can't wait to see more of Reach's Single player. This game has so much riding on it and it's bound to be the hugest MP game of the generation since Halo 3.

MS needs to announce some new IPs though. As great as Gears, Fable, and Halo is I'd like to see something fresh.

FishCake9T43103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Agreed. Reach will be the GAME of E3 quite simply. THe game will easily sell 10 million.

I forgot about GT5 though. Hopefully we will see more of that.

infamousinfolite3103d ago

Bungie presents: Halo... Crowd goes: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bungie says: Owned. Lol

BrutallyBlunt3103d ago

You're right, Reach will own. The game looks simply amazing.

Fable III? I'll have to wait and see. I wasn't very impressed with the others. It needs a major overhaul in the graphics and it needs to be deeper as an RPG. The simplicity of Fable II was boring to me.

Crackdown 2? Loved the first one but this looks like Crackdown 1.5. Good but will it offer enough to call it a true sequel?

X-COM? One of my favorite games ever was UFO Defense. Amazing game. Hopefully they can keep that intensity and not just make a FPS out of the IP.

Gears of War 3? Not very hyped about it. I find the series to be much like the Transformers movies. Lots of flash and noise but not much substance.

I hope we get to see a new Project Gotham racer. I also want to see something exceptional from Rare.

Inside_out3103d ago

Looking forward to ALL the gaming stuff coming out...M$ having a big year with huge games...Wii and PS3, no doubt, will have some good games as well...I hope...E3 in June...

swiftshot933103d ago

MS also had ME2 this year and still have Alan Wake. Both those games are AAA and they arent Gears, Halo, or Fable. I agree though we need some other IPs.

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infamousinfolite3103d ago

Disagrees? Ha. Don't people know that the name 'Halo' is the Mario of Microsoft. Name brand people. Name brand.

BrutallyBlunt3103d ago

I don't understand this place, why would anyone disagree with this comment?

"Looking forward to ALL the gaming stuff coming out...M$ having a big year with huge games...Wii and PS3, no doubt, will have some good games as well...I hope...E3 in June... "

I'm going to have to agree with it myself.

Nebulas Zero3102d ago

"2K has just announced this long-rumoured update of the classic name, but in a surprising move, it's not a strategy game but an RTS."

I'm pretty sure it's an FPS. Also, they didn't name Portal 2. It's also coming to PC, but then so's X-COM.

Kingdom Come3102d ago

Gears of War 3. I simply can't wait. Microsoft's gonna have a great E3.
By the Way, I'm getting F***ing sick of PS3 Fanboy's disagreeing, go to your own section of the site.

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Droid Smasha3103d ago

Halo Reach was the nail in ps3 coffin

cellypower3103d ago

like halo 3 or ODST or halo wars oh..... yea---

AngryTypingGuy3102d ago

Like this game or that game will be a "Halo killer". No exclusive will have the pop culture impact that Halo does, sorry. GTA and Modern Warfare are the only other games that are comparable to Halo in that department.

Cajun Chicken3103d ago

Cool! 2 games! Reach and Crackdown 2 and a timed exclusive, excellent.

el_nene_lindo3103d ago

later is going to be five ps3 games to own e3 watch n4g is like that