Lost Odyssey - New Gameplay Trailer

Here is the newest gameplay trailer for upcoming xbox360 exclusive title Lost Odyssey from the Microsoft Press event which ended a few about an hour ago.

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nice_cuppa3847d ago

i now have a boner and its mistwalkers fault !!

; )

REbirth3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

oh my god this is soooo final fantasy...i must have this game...remembers me the olds 7 8 and 10...amazing!

now we need to know if the story is cool...the characters and the last appeal!

Omegasyde3847d ago

agreed. The game runs like FFX. Looks good.

Even the battle music sounds simular.


tehcellownu3847d ago

this is the only game i want for the the question is how many disks?

Yaoi Sangheili3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Alright, I felt a little bored by the scenery, not that it's any major problem as long as I'm engaged by the story and uncovering the next plot, but I doubt it'll be much a problem. The highlight of the preview, obviously, is the battles. I loved how the cam zoomed in behind the person and followed as they ran up to attack the targeted enemy, plus it appears somewhat turn-based, always a + in my book. The magic attack didn't look all that great, but it could be one of the beginning spells, but with those graphics, could one imagine boss battles and the techniques/spells you gain later? We could be talking on the scale of Omnislash here, but in HD and greatly detailed! This is another title tagged for my "Keep a look out on" book, just to see how it develops a little more before deciding to get it..

Edit: Ok, I may have been a bit harsh, the open scenery is pretty, but to me it's still boring and bland, but I'm not saying that it is to everyone, just me. Also, I feel absolutely stupid for not mentioning how I enjoyed the enemies being so well detailed! It's nice to see that not just the heroes are well drawn, but what they're having to fight is too.

Bloodmask3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

does look really good. Sakaguchi is a really talented developer. This game will most likely give Final Fantasy a run for its money.

the_bebop3847d ago

This game still has nothing compared to FFVSXIII

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