"The Greatest Holiday Line-up in Videogame History"?

VP Peter Moore describes the line-up as "the greatest holiday lineup in video game history". Looking at this list, he may not be far from the truth.

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NextGen24Gamer4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

What "True" gamer can honestly look at that list and say to themselves..."naw...I'll pass"... lol... For real folks...Its an amazing list of Must have games....All this year. As of now the 360 games outsell ps3 and wii games combined. I expect that lead to grow further with all the amazing titles releasing within the next 6 months....Wow... This Next Gen is exciting to me as a Gamer. Games that you can't play on the PC...

GTA 4 with exclusive episodes, Halo 3, Too Human, Fable 2, PGR 4, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Guitar hero 3, Rock band, Mass Effect, and on and on...None of those coming to the PC. Amazing.

Its also amazing that 6 of the top 10 HOT ranked games of E3 are 360 games and the ps3 has 0 in the top 10.

Like I said...any "True" gamer can't possibly look at the list of games coming Excclusively to the 360 and not be impressed enough to spend the money to Jump In. And with a 3 year warranty....WOW... Like I have said before. I have a total of 7 360's and not one has failed me. But each one having a 3 year warranty makes me feel extra good about my purchases.

TeCh774000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Any "true" gamer wouldn't be a biased, self-centered, talk about how cool you are and flaunt every thing about yourself attitude like yourself. Only an insecure schmuck like yourself would put up a bio like the one you have.

Ya, it's a great lineup. No doubt about it. Thanks for giving it your blessing, now we can all relax and breathe a sigh of relief. There's games on all consoles that are great. Of course you're such a "true" gamer so you'd know all about that, eh? Tell me some more about your nba2k6 skills. "True" gamer...lmao.

risk4000d ago

i just go and play all the games they are offering on PC!

Bloodmask4000d ago

360 does have a killer line up this Holiday season. Every genre is covered by AAA titles. Halo 3 , Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata, And PGR4 just to name a few.

Microsoft really has pulled it together this generation.

And in regards to #2 risk, you do realize that buying PC games is supporting Microsoft also.

Have you ever heard of games for Windows? Do you know who makes Windows?

Jay da 2KBalla4000d ago

Honestly, I could care less if an xbox360 exclusive is on the pc or not. I'm solely a console gamer as are pretty much everybody else i know.

the_round_peg4000d ago

I thought that one was coming this winter.

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