E3 Trailer Park Blowout (Vol. 03) Halo 3, Mass Effect and more!

"With GamerSquad's "E3 Trailer Park Blowout" shifting steadily up through the gears in Vol. 01 and Vol. 02, it's at breakneck speed with today's Vol. 03, which packs in Halo 3, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Age of Conan, Aion, Burnout Paradise, Madden NFL 08, Project Gotham Racing 4, and more..."

GamerSquad has you covered all the way.

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no_more_heroes3938d ago

Whoa............ what else can you really say?

THE HIVE MIND3938d ago

what can i say
halo 2.5
yes you all can kiss my sack who called it that
did you see that omg i loved it
sgt johnson getting his black A$$ kicked (to bad no ropes )
and maranda keyes she looked pretty bad a$$
i think that was a flood she was getting ready to cap
the way MASTERCHIEF stuck the magnum right up in the arbiters grill
freaking sweet
like i said b4 Killzone cant even touch halos crap

the_round_peg3938d ago

Bioware has said many times that MASS EFFECT has no pre-rendered cutscene. Everything you see in the trailers and demos is either gameplay or scripted and performed with real-time engine.

Yaoi Sangheili3938d ago

I don't feel pumped up, because I'm not sure how well the gameplay itself will flow. I guess, like every other game, I tread carefully till I see more reliable video of the game itself being played, less I get caught up in the idea that a few clips of in-game cutscenes are displaying how the game itself will be, least in my opinion..

jay33938d ago

All Mass Effect is in-game...Killzone doesn't look too incredible now...That makes me kind of sad...But meh

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