21 Random Qs with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling

Bitmob interviews Robert Bowling, creative strategist at developer Infinity Ward, to find out a little bit more about the personal life of one of the key members of the Modern Warfare 2 team.

In this interview, Bowling reveals his favorite war movie, band, TV show, Modern Warfare 2 loadouts, comic-book superhero, as well as who he'd pick as his "real life" Spec Ops partner and if he's a part of the Mile High Club.

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RAZORLAND3166d ago

After everything thats happened at IW, that was just a vapid fluff piece.

Videosta3166d ago

Since he still works for Activision I seriously doubt he could talk about the legal/staffing situation right now.

BattleAxe3166d ago

He will probably be moved over to Treyarch, since they are now the main keepers of the CoD series now.

AliTheBrit193166d ago

Yeah, more of these should be done with developers.

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Sadie21003166d ago

His answer to best war movie was pretty funny...but makes sense.

van-essa3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Have people asked him why he still works with the Devil yet?

surgency3166d ago

They probably offered him a hefty pay increase to stay.

Senden3166d ago

Probably be his last Q&A with IW

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The story is too old to be commented.