Resident Evil 5 logo revealed

Capcom has released the logo for Resident Evil 5.

Utilizing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 unprecedented power, Resident Evil 5 promises to revolutionize the series by delivering an unbelievable level of detail, realism and control. Resident Evil 5 is certain to bring new fans to the series while expanding the world of video game entertainment to new heights; confirming once again Capcom's long standing reputation as a bold innovator within the industry.

The emergence of the Resident Evil series began in 1996 and gamers around the world were quickly immersed in the game's engrossing story and wowed by its technological achievements. A runaway hit since its introduction, the entire series has sold more than 27 million units worldwide, winning numerous awards and revolutionizing the survival horror genre. Resident Evil is a proven franchise that continues to captivate gamers with each new installment.

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Yaoi Sangheili3843d ago

Zombies, simple yet there is something about killing them that unleashes an almost primal pleasure of relieving the dead of their life... again. I think Resident Evil, the franchise, will always be the benchmark of zombie related games, but Dead Rising 2 and Left 4 Dead may give it a run for it's money.

jay33843d ago

I think they're going to be better than Killzone 2, er, maybe the same, because they're sure as hell taking they're sweet time with this game, just like Killzone 2, which turned out great (Not as good as most are parading, but that's a whole new issue i will NOT even go into) so i mean, they must have been doing SOMETHING with all that time, and we know they were already working on it before that first trailer was released, so i think we can expect some kickass graphics from this game. And zombies. Lots of zombies

Yaoi Sangheili3843d ago

I would prefer the horde-like, fast-paced zombies and it seems we may get that! It's definitely a lot more scarier when you're faced with a bunch of cannibalizing, blood drenched, rotten corpses with white eyes groaning loudly as they just run in a wild manner, hands stretched out and teeth glaring as they ready themselves to eat your delicious flesh and innards.

Xeoset3843d ago

Hopefully they can get this game to look as good as Mass Effect, it'll take them a good while, but they've got the time.

The logo doesn't look as good as 4's, it just doesn't give that messed up Resi feel we all know and love.

But back to Zombies, great choice, Spanish Villagers just doesn't do it for me.

Havince3843d ago

a look similar to gears of war would be nice