Gears of War PC video preview

The Gears of War PC version has new features the Xbox 360 console version doesn't have. Examples of what Epic will add are an editor and new content like five new chapters to make a more complete story, new multiplayer mode, arenas, achievements, and you can fight the huge Brumak as shown below.

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Lord Anubis3937d ago

anyone know the spec requirements?

Yaoi Sangheili3937d ago

What makes me mad is that CliffyB said nothing about the content, the multiplayer mode and maps for the PC version, are coming to the X360 version as well. I'd suggest they do it and with great haste, or a lot of GoW x360 owners are going to be reaaaaaalllly ticked.

As for the requirements, I'm scared to imagine... the 360 runs it, so... go from that I suppose? Anything on par with the 360's hardware is probably capable... but I'm a computer idiot, so yeah. xD

Groo3937d ago

OMG King of the Hill mode would be perfect on the 360 version, a lot of people don't play annex just because its like warzone. If king of the hill is like annex with execution style play....OMG thats perfect!