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Ronster3163164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Looking forward to seeing the origional cast again :-)

And of course can't wait to play the new campaign and test out the new weapons.

I wonder what else Francis now hates since we last heard from him?

OGharryjoysticks3164d ago

Come this October, Left 4 Dead 3 is going to come out and nobody knows about it yet =)

CountDracula3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Now that I've found out about the lag glitch in the game (to beat all campaigns on expert/realism), it kinda seems pointless going through this campaign.

electricshadow3164d ago

Cool, now, can we get a date on when Steam is coming to Mac? It's already half-way through April and no release date yet for April.

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