Microsoft holds firm on Xbox 360 pricing

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday it will hold firm on pricing for its Xbox 360 game console, defying widespread expectations that it would respond to a price cut by rival Sony Corp for the PlayStation 3.

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Lord Anubis3942d ago

of course they wont cut the price. they need to reach profitability and cutting the price means stock holders fleeing.

NextGen24Gamer3942d ago

And they are selling more games than the Wii and the Ps3 combined. Sony had to cut the price due to very poor sales....MS is going strong and steady. Like they stated...It has nothing to do with making a profit. It has everything to do with being the market leader with the prices they have already in place. I'm sure by Christmas they will have some specials and possibly a price cut. It would make sense and it would mark the 2 year anniversary....

I just think it shows supreme confidence by not reacting to Sony's desperate act....And while yes it has given sony a burst with its initial announcment of the price drop...But will it continue? I guess we will see in a month or two.

With all the MUST HAVE games releasing this year for the 360...a price drop is not needed to continue to lead the market. The exclusive games will continue to sell consoles. Halo 3, Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, Bio Shock, and GTA 4 with its exclusive episodes.... People got to have those games folks....and the hype from the reviews and word of mouth will continue to give the 360 the edge.

I also think releasing all the 20 gig 360's with hdmi port was a smart move later this year. The Halo 3 special edition looks sweet too....WOW

"In the United States, Microsoft has sold about 5.8 million consoles, compared to 2.8 million for Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s (7974.OS) Wii and 1.4 million for the PS3, according to data from NPD."

Zaskark23942d ago

Xbox 360 Elite $479 | Playstation 3 $499

HDDVD Add-On $199 | built-in
Wi-Fi Adapter $99 | built-in
Xbox Live $50/year | Free

TOTAL: $830 | $500

Total Savings for PS3 owners $330

Conclusion: PS3 is not over-priced people just do not know what it is capable of.

the_round_peg3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

What if I don't want a HD-DVD or Blu-ray? I don't want one, and I don't need one. I have the option of NOT getting one with Xbox 360. With PS3, I don't have that option.

What if I don't want a Wi-fi? It's a gaming console, and I'm the only one who's using it in the house to only play game. I have the option of NOT getting one with Xbox 360. With PS3, I don't have that option.

What if I don't want the extra online service? I have the option of NOT paying for the service with Xbox 360. With PS3, the service is included in the price. I have to pay for it whether I want it or not.

Customers want OPTIONS. Customers want to be able to OPT OUT of certain features and services -- that means they do NOT want to pay for features and services they do NOT want. With Xbox 360, if I don't want certain features, then I just don't pay for it. With PS3, all those Blu-ray and wi-fi are forced upon me, whether I want it or not, and they actually cost me.

ASSASSYN 36o3942d ago

I already have my 360. I could care less if they drop the price.

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