Video Marketplace to go Global in 2007

Amidst a flurry of other announcements at the Microsoft press briefing, Peter Moore also announced that Canada and Europe would finally have access to the video marketplace this year.

An exact date was not given, but Moore did promise that the video marketplace would be available in these regions by the end of the year. That's big news! Feature films from Disney are also being added to the Marketplace and will be available for download from tonight.

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Lord Anubis3966d ago

its about time. International films and independent films would be nice.

sjappie3966d ago

I have a big ass plasma that's been dying for some other hd-content than trailers and games.

P4KY B3966d ago

this will have a positive result on european sales.

ShiftyLookingCow3966d ago

I had my fair share of movie and tv downloads from Marketplace

gogators3966d ago

about time, too many friends on live haven't been able to enjoy what I enjoy and it hasn't been fair. Non-game news a side, I think this and the Disney agreement were the biggest news of a rather boring night.

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