Nintendo, where's the hype?

Nintendo Now writes:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 releases in another month, yet word on the game still isn't at the "Nintendo standards." Details of the story and characters are still missing. We've heard little quibbles of what the story is, but not all the details that would make you go "I can't wait!" Now I'm sure all of you are already saying that anyway, just because Mario is in the title, but that's besides the point.

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Blaze9293135d ago

Really hoping to be wowed this E3 by Nintendo

SpoonyRedMage3135d ago

I think the four definite things to show will be:
Golden Sun 3(DS)
Pokémon Black and White
Zelda Wii

and there's potential for a lot of other stuff too.


Blaze9293135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Golden Sun - that's all they need to win E3 IMO. Man that is one AMAZING RPG. Love GS 1 & 2 to death

Government Cheese3135d ago

I dont see why you are waiting to be wowed by SMG2 at E3. It comes out in May.

Blaze9293135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

who said anything about wanting to be wowed by SMG2?

darthv723135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

we are nintendo. we ooze quality right from our mario mustachios

perhaps they are taking the sony approach. let the name sell itself.


Ok, is no surprise that games that nintendo makes are guaranteed sellers. Even without hype. I think they have a better chance of selling simply on their name. Anyone who has their nintendo on the web can see they are showcasing this game (amongst others) on the nintendo channel. My kids just have to see one short little minute clip and are all wanting this game. It generates its own hype.

Plus, I am tired and didnt know if it would be funny in writing but it seemed funny as i thought it up. Sorry to offend if I did.

Aphe3135d ago

I'm not sure what you're being sarcastic about now darth, you've lost me. Is it the our mario mustachios bit or the sony approach part?

Montrealien3135d ago

Am I wrong to assume that asking for hype is in effect...creating hype?

erathaol3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

From a tech standpoint I just want to know more about Nintendo's Vitality Sensor. It seems like the Dark Horse of the upcoming new controls.

Other than that I'd like to see a Wii Kid Icarus game but I'm not holding my breath. As they won't even give Kirby a Wii game.

Government Cheese3135d ago

What else would you be talking about? The article is talking about hyping of SMG2, not the hyping of every other Nintendo game. So I guess you were...


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Crazybone1263135d ago

They should wow, because they had a lot of big stuff at their Media Summit, it's just they limited it to early 2010...there's ALOT of big games coming this year to Wii.

tokoshix3135d ago

Just knowing this is a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy is enough to get me hyped.

ProA0073135d ago

Definitely looking like a great year for nintendo

Crazybone1263135d ago

Monster Hunter 3 is coming, that'll hold me for all of 2010, but of course i'm going to be picking up all the other awesome games.

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The story is too old to be commented.