New Resident Evil 5 E3 2007 MS Press Conference Trailer

E3 Press Conference Trailer 2007

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yocdub3971d ago

Man as cool as that looks, I'd imagine a few might get up in arms about killing massive amount of emaciated
Africans with what is currently going on in Darfur. That aside, it looks like a killer game(pun intended).

JsonHenry3971d ago

Normally I would say STFU about mixing world events with games... but seriously - I could not tell that the people were anything different but what I am used to seeing on the TV from over there. Tribal facial scarring, killing each other for whatever reason, and kicking the living shi+ out white people that wonder too far from the Embassy or Resort.

mrk013971d ago

For a moment my heart stoped in the first second of the trailer thinking it was MGS4
What a relief.


looks great.

Looks a bit like mgs4 lol i must agree

take in mind ITS not

Now here is a game i want to finish the fight on

Crazyglues3971d ago

I really like the way it looks, it does have a sort of MGS4 feel except for the fact that they all look dead, but other then that, yeah I kinda see it...

If it plays as nice as RS4 did then this game will be huge...

RioGrande3971d ago

$100 says that Al Sharpton will call this game racist lol.

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