Green Day: Rock Band Hands-On Impressions (With Video)

DualShockers writes: "Just like The Bealtes: Rock Band before it, GD:RB takes you on a journey through time through the band's music. You'll follow the band from their first major studio debut "Dookie" and play through 47 studio master tracks of the band's music from the past 16 years (wow do I feel old)."

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taz80803136d ago

Seems like a title geared for hardcore fans of Green Day. Will this stop at Green Day or will we see more clones of this style?

Hitman07693136d ago

Pretty awesome concept. Should probably be repeated!

Hitman07693136d ago

I like how they didn't just do another Rock Band clone this one seems unique.

Chadness3136d ago

I don't know how interested I would be in this...I'm sure it is some easy achievements though. ;)