5 F*** Me Moments in Gaming

Koku writes: "As an interactive art, gaming has the ability to cause passionate personal investment. And thanks to the magic of Youtube, we've all seen fans run the gamut of emotions, from elation to total meltdown. But when it comes to the feelings inspired by the stuff we play, there's none as unique as the "Fuck Me!" moment."


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elicymet3164d ago

Though if we're being completely accurate, # 3 is more of a seizure moment than anything else!

cry from the sky3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

gave me many oh fuk me moments, know what i mean jelly bean?

kaveti66163164d ago

Fallout 3, everytime I walked into the Wastelands I encountered creatures that I was not prepared to fight. Either my health was low, I was out of ammo, or it was some super mutant with a rocket launcher. Those have been my biggest f*ck me moments.

UnSelf3164d ago

im currently playin Fallout 3 and i usu have more than enough ammor for any type of enemy except THOSE GODD*MN GIANT RADSCORPIONS!!!! WTF!!!

ThanatosDMC3164d ago

Ghoul Reavers are insanely powerful like Mutant Overlords in Fallout 3: GOTY. You'll have a fun time injecting stimpacks after stimpacks if you ever fight one in close quarters.

UnSelf3164d ago

Are ghoul reavers in the the reg edition?

i still dont think anything is worst than those radscorpions. They kill all enemy types too.

I seen them kill: Raiders, Robots, Sentrys, Enclave, i wanna see them fight a mutant, steel brotherhood member or a deathclaw

aaronisbla3164d ago

i remember making a puncher on this game, and one of his best weapons being the deathclaw gauntlet, i had to try to get one off a Deathclaw, early in the game mind you. Difficult fight, especially since the first plans are located by a dead guy with a Deathclaw right in the same area.

Then The Pitt dlc drops one in the underground battle arena...

PshycoNinja3164d ago


The Poseidon boss fight was the first one when he reveled his huge monstrous form.

Then it was Hades the minute he grabbed you with his blades, or when the entire area had chains come out of the ground I said "F*** ME!"

Hermes, Helios, and Aphrodite were all "F*** YOU!" moments (literally in the sense with Aphrodite ;) ).

Hercules was an awe "F*** ME." moment. It was of those "this is so cool." mixed in with "F*** Me."

Cronos was one of the biggest "F*** Me!" moments, especially when he was trying to swallow me.

And last but not least the Zues Boss Fight(all stages). From the 2.5D fight, to the fight when Gaia almost crushed me, to the boss fight in Gaia, to fighting Zues's ghost.

The game was the most epic "F*** Me" game out there.

N4Flamers3164d ago

when you get locked in the room with those undead motherf***rs. I was like F***K ME.

ryano232773164d ago

MGS4 - Moment you enter the Microwaves until credits finish rolling.
Uncharted 2 - Which one? My favourite was the falling platform just after encountering the Guardians.
God of War 3 - Poseidon
Heavy Rain - Alot here too - Cutting off the finger
Fallout 3 - 1st encounter with the Behemath

Lionsguard3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Definitely Fallout 3 has those moments, like you're running across the wasteland with your gatling gun busting up zombies and ghouls left and right, you're feeling invincible, a paragon of the vault they scream! nothing can stop you, not even giant mutants and then all of a sudden, it freezes then crashes to desktop! and you realize you havent saved in the past hour! F#(@^%(@#%K ME!!!!!!!!!

Nebulas Zero3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Some personal "F*ck me!" moments:

1. Psycho Mantis' act in Metal Gear Solid, especially when he told Meryl to point the gun to her head (and I was half-way across the room, going...well, you know).

2. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, when I'm travelling in the sewers for the first time. Literally every moment had me muttering that line continuously.

3. Most of the encounters in Serious Sam but more in an angry way with all the hoards that kept coming.

4. When Ganondorf re-emerged out of the rubble of Hyrule Castle in the final battle in Ocarina of Time, in his demonic pig form...and once more when he knocked the Master Sword away.

Edit: Oh, also seeing the Beauty and the Beast Corps for the first time in Metal Gear Solid 4. Though I also muttered, "I think I'm in love" afterwards. :P

Ah, so many good memories. :)

JoySticksFTW3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

You make it through possibly the creepiest level of that game and finally face the the boss Maneater.

You're thinking "Oh, he's not THAT tough. I just have to watch my positioning" as he flies and has this wide area spell that can knock you off of the narrow area that you are fighting on for instant death if you are not careful.

That's when a SECOND one shows up mid fight and you think " What the- ?! Aw, F' me..." LOL

Yup, you have to fight both of them at the same time. The only way around this is to fog glitch the first one, or to go all-out offense on the first one before the second one comes to play. Fire attacks / spells help.

Watch it on youtube, or better yet... GO buy this game already!

It was good enough to steal a couple game of the year awards away from Uncharted 2 so you know it's good.

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gameseveryday3164d ago

I really loved the opening of Uncharted 2...was simply jaw dropping!

Ziriux3164d ago

Right now Bayonetta is giving me the f me moments with the chick you have to fight in red, she's proving to be a true biotch right now. Also God of War III has given me plenty f me moments.

IrishAssa3164d ago

I had a moment in Uncharted 2,

Ya know when on the glacier? there's a little stream flowing on it. I really just wanted to go to that place my self. I was like Holy F**k burger/ Then you get attacked by the first Yeti man

Official General3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Uncharted 1 - The part getting towards the end where you investigate that hauntingly eerie and abandonded old Nazi submarine base thats underground. You had to use the flashlight as it was real dark and it was just dead quiet....that is until you heard some frightening grunts and roars coming your way, echoing in the passageways. Then all of a sudden these humanoid monsters appear out of nowhere and try to rip you to pieces! Man that was real crazy!

Uncharted 2 - Someone said this already, but I gotta say that big yeti creature in the ice cave really caught me off guard!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - The civilian massacre scene had me thinking, "this is real f**ked up!"

GTA 4 - The cut-scene where Elisabeta shoots in Manny in the head and kills him and his filming crew after they expose her drug operation. I just dropped my jaws and stayed silent for a tad bit after I saw that.

GTA Vice City - Yes, this is a very old title I know. But I just had to include the mission called "Guardian Angels" where you and Lance protect Diaz and his boys in a drug deal with the Cubans and then the Haitians hijack it. The gunfight was spectacular and epic, and the ensuing motorbike chase to get the drugs/money back was stunning. I had never seen or played anything like that in my life up until that point.

ThanatosDMC3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

When i saw that giant gold dagger key in U2... i was wowed... like for most of the game.

^Oh yeah, Manny dying was surprising.

N4Flamers3164d ago


Silent hill the room when you first run into those 2 headed baby things at first its just standing there then all of a sudden it charges you and it moves at like 4 times your speed.

lol MGS4 the microwave room gave me flashbacks of being tortured.

GOW3 the satire and cerberus fight at the end after you take off the second head and 2 of those satires pop out of the ground.

Street Fighter 3 when you are across the screen and you see gill fly in the air and six wings pop out of his back, at first you think how cute then its F**K ME

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cain1413164d ago

The ones that really make me want to say that are when stupid things like a game freezing happen...

Ziriux3164d ago

Game freezing is quite common these days, I really hate it.

cain1413164d ago


It's been happening a lot on splinter cell conviction.

Fragger2k83164d ago

Haha, I remember back when I was playing Doom 3 for the first time, I was sure I was almost finished with the game, and then at one point the game screen just turned black after one of those creepy moments. At first I was like, "oh sh**, was that the end?", but right after I realized that it froze..

Afterwords, I thought that something like that could make a great ending to a scary game, if it was done just at the right time, and the sequel could pick up right after or something.

All I know is that, for some reason, it just felt satisfying at that moment.

RememberThe3573164d ago

That end boss fight was a ball buster. I'm still not sure how I beat that guy.

Cinotix3164d ago

One of my F me moments was when I purchased Barbies Horse Adventure, first thing I said was f me what the heck did I just do.

infekt3164d ago

Thats a "f*ck, this crack is AWESOME!" moment.