Engadget giveaway: Show us your crappy gaming setup and win a custom PS3 Slim from Rockstar Games!

That's right folks, the crew at Rockstar Games is celebrating the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, and they've offered up a custom Grand Theft Auto PS3 Slim to give away. We have just one of these to give away, and the package will contain the following: a custom decorated 120GB PS3 Slim (with a two tone paint job in black and Lexus pearl white, an LED-backlit skyline and logo on the unit, a custom power panel with laser etched back lit power and eject buttons) along with a color-matched controller.

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ThatCanadianGuy3165d ago

LOL! Now thats a winner right there!

mindedone3164d ago

That's my brother's setup, but he has a carpet, and he has a DirecTV stb

Hellsvacancy3165d ago

Just show them a pic of a 360, u couldnt get more crappier than that