Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Gets Deservedly Lavish Art-Book

PushSquare: "Some video game art books leave a lot to be desired, but this premium 272-page illustration-laden manuscript is exactly the reason why Naughty Dog are so special. Realising that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves deserves to be more than a flimsy glossy pamphlet, Naughty Dog's teamed up with Ballistic Publishing to release this high-quality publication pertaining to the game's "concept art ... character studies, environment art, character modeling, game art, cinematics, motion-capture, animation, and effects"."

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Aclay3136d ago

Damn...$129 isn't that cheap, but I gotta have the Special Edition Art Book, looks really nice. I love to Draw and love Art, so I'm always a sucker for these types of things, especially when it goes hand in hand with with some of my favorite video games.

It's listed on Amazon as well, so I might wait and see if they discount it(probably will) before pre-ordering.

electricshadow3135d ago

If I had that much money to spend on it, I would totally get it. I'm not one to buy art books, but Uncharted 2 was just gorgeous to look at.