E3 2010: Portal 2 Press Briefing is Set

Fans who are awaiting for more news and information for Valve's upcoming Portal 2 should stay tuned on E3 week.

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Demon Blade3140d ago

Is there any Chance that Portal 2 come to PS3.

GameOn3140d ago

Possible but not definite. You'll just have to keep your ears peeled.

Jose Mourinho3140d ago

Let's hope so :) there is Portal 2 on PSM3's cover so...

Aphe3140d ago

I think Gabe will sh*t on a ps3 to mark the occasion.

Only joking. The first Portal came out on ps3 didn't it? Don't see why this shouldn't. Except for all the fanboi b1tching, that might have made them think twice. Nah, I'm sure it will come.

GameOn3140d ago

I think I saw an article stating that when the magazine went out the Portal 2 reveal had been removed. Either a mistake or too early for the reveal.

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swiftshot933140d ago

This game is going to be so awesome!

3140d ago
Odion3140d ago

Got my invite from Valve today, can't wait should be a great time! They said beverages provided!

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