Blue Dragon Demo on Marketplace now

Blue Dragon on Marketplace now just a promised by Microsoft. The game size is about 1.1 GB. Gamers will find themselves exploring and discovering the vast world of "Blue Dragon" as they assume the role of Shu, ….

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Yaoi Sangheili3999d ago

This is a definite buy, but with all these hits, it'll be hard... Plus I've got about 70$ to spend next month on RAM for my PoS computer! Least I get an irregular 100$+ this coming month. :D

Raistlin3999d ago

from E3. It's like a little taste of X-Mas in July! Just sent the wife off to bed and the download is now complete. Time to enjoy!

Havince3999d ago

come on dont dissapoint up

Firewire3999d ago

who cares! MS failed at E3 huge!
ha ha! no MGS for you!

Shadow Man3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Haha no complete GTA IV for you!!! The only place to get the "Full GTA IV" experience will be on Xbox 360. It also sucks that both GTA IV trailers were running on Xbox 360 like Peter Moore said in the press conference.

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The story is too old to be commented.