Grand Theft Auto IV Promotion Launched on Games for Windows – LIVE's Games on Demand Service

Following today's release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on Games for Windows – LIVE, Microsoft has revealed a special offer for PC gaming fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. For a limited time only, gamers who download Grand Theft Auto IV from Games for Windows – LIVE's Games on Demand service will benefit from a specially reduced price.

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kevco333138d ago

that's pretty damn cheap. Would be worth picking up, if there was actually anybody that wanted it that doesn't already have it!

ProjectVulcan3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Boxed copies have been going for that price for quite a while now though. Seen them on and off in stock and out. recently sold out for 9.99 but expect more stock next week. Amazon too. If you want it now and dont mind downloading its a good deal, but its also 16Gb worth of game to download. Bear that in mind...

I still prefer me boxes though if i can. GTA4 PC has a rather pleasing embossed card slipcase. Nice game to own boxed

NatalmovesU3138d ago

I cant wait to see how it sells

trgz3137d ago

Ah, twice the price it was on Steam at Christmas.