Square Enix wants to know why you bought Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 or Xbox 360

Square Enix is currently conducting a brief Final Fantasy XIII survey on its Square Enix Members website. According to NPD Group's March 2010 sales numbers, Final Fantasy XIII sold almost double on the PlayStation 3 (828.2k units) versus the Xbox 360 (493.9K units). There was considerable more promotion on the Xbox 360 in North America with the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII bundle, Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Faceplate and Xbox 360 Chocobo Avatar giveaway. But Square Enix wants to know from Final Fantasy XIII players why they chose Final Fantasy XIII on one platform over the other. Here are a couple of the questions and options in the survey on platform choice:

Why did you select the PS3 version?
- Prefer PS3's graphics appearance
- Controller preference
- PlayStation Trophies
- PS3 is my console of choice
- PS3 version had only one disc
- Other

Why did you select the Xbox 360 version?
- Prefer Xbox 360's graphics appearance
- Controller preference
- Achievements
- Xbox 360 is my console of choice
- Enjoy Xbox's community when playing games like this
- Other

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Raoh3137d ago

LOL this is going to get interesting

blitz06233137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I only own a PS3, but if I had a 360, I would still have bought the PS3 version simply because the PS3 is my console of choice and since every major FF has been on a PS console, and there's the added incentive of it being the better looking game and only needing 1 disc.

jden283137d ago

Well you would've gottn even more x360 sales if we all weren't convinced we we're buying a bad port job, square you should have used either more disc's so x360 player could get the same game as ps3 players or shipped it with a flashdrive with the necassary game data on it with the disc's. Nobody wants to feel like they bought the inferior version and that what all the people that only have x360 feel like they got. I got to give it to MS though they promoted the hell out of this game, and it would have sold better if it was a better port.

Demon Blade3137d ago

I highly recommend your participation in this survey

thank you

Raoh3137d ago

I only own a ps3 and a pc but I didnt buy it once i heard how linear it was and i hated what i read about the mana/health system..

i'll stick with real jrpg's, i'm still playing mass effect 1 and 2, wkc and a few others.. and with 3d dot heroes coming out maybe i'll play ffxiii later in the summer, then again if ffxiv comes out before that i wont have the time..

cry from the sky3137d ago

thats why i bought mine on ps3.

xTruthx3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Did the $ SE got from MS stopping them for thinking ?(For those who till this day still don't know, MS paid SE to make FF13 on the 360) In what platform did the franchise had a big hit ? on the PS platform, so it would only be logical that it would sell more on the ps3.

3137d ago
darthv723137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

When I do buy FF13 I am getting it for the 360. Not for any of those reasons above but for one that may pan out in the end. "Collectiblity"

You figure FF is somewhat synonymous with the playstation brand (sans the NES days). The sheer fact there is a major FF title released to a competitive system speaks volumes to its value down the road as a collectible. I know FF11 was made for xbox and 360 yet it really was more of a departure in the series sense.

This game may not sell as many copies (obviously) which will also makes it value worth more. It isnt so much about if the game is better or worse it is about the game simply being made outside the norm. Like if someone were to stumble across the original Shenmue for Saturn. The game started off as a saturn title and yet was switched over to the DC which is where most know it from. Yet to actually have the game for the system it started on makes it worth more than the finished product because of availability.

FF13 will not be as big a hit with 360 as with ps3. We can all pretty much agree on that. It will however be worth more than the ps3 version later in life.

Just to point out, I have several rare games that were released on lesser known systems that end up being worth more to a collector than the ones more commonly found.

edit: oh yeah, I will get the ps3 version to actually play if that matters to anyone.

Cold 20003137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"Did the $ SE got from MS stopping them for thinking ?(For those who till this day still don't know, MS paid SE to make FF13 on the 360)"

Damn, thats some cool insider info right there. Care to provide a link or should we just take your word for it.

BTW even if they did pay, nothing wrong in that. Look Sony paid for Haze to go exclusive and that's ok, no problem. Business is business.

@1.13: I think you're dreaming.

NegativeCreepWA3137d ago

I had the choice between the two and went with the PS3 version because every reviewer said it had a graphical advantage. Being a single player rpg, my preference in the 360 controller and Live doesn't make a difference.

And one of the reasons I bought a PS3 was for the FF series, It wouldn't seem right to buy a console for a few specific games then buy them for another console.

iamtehpwn3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Square Enix is the first company to directly ask the consumer why did they buy each version. And If they did this from the start, there actually wouldn't have been a 360 version...

I mean in all honesty Square Enix is probably baffled why the 360 version didn't sell more considering the advertisement being nearly 360-only, the 360 bundle, and 360 install base.

Fan Base > Install Base will ALWAYS give you greater sales results.

Red_Orange_Juice3137d ago

and PS3 is my console of choice

xTruthx3137d ago

Didn't they paid 200 mil for the license ?

N4BmpS3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Hmm what are you trying to figure out SquarE.? This is random I must say they must be planning something, I think their evaluating the future of VSXIII.

Genesis53137d ago

Well 1 disc instead of 3 and 720p instead of 576p are heavily in the PS3 versions favour.

Army_of_Darkness3137d ago

I bought it because it had "Final Fantasy" on the cover....
this is what happens when your a fan of the series, you become anxious to buy whatever comes your way until you realize that not all FF games are created equal.:(

IrishAssa3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Square-Enix should want to know why anyone bought it, they're probably laughing their As*es off at how anyone could pay for such a S**t game...

Rented in PS3 for a week and stopped playing after 3 days, so boring.
And don't give me that when you get to chapter 11 BS I stopped paying when I realised chapter 11 was the same as the rest except it wasn't linear. I don't mind linear, I mind the fact that the only thing you do is fight every 10 metres during the whole game, except when you get to chapter 11, you get to decide what battle and how many steps to the next. But that's all you do, battle run battle run battle run battle. Such a dissapointment, FF10 was the last good FF.

To top it all of the story is average. The villain sucks. And music is the only thing that matchs a FF game's quality, the music was still worse than 4,6,7,8,9,10 but it was still good enough. Characters aren't great till later in which they become alright, and SNOW IS A F***HOLE

edgeofblade3137d ago

Two reasons: One, I prefer the 360 controller... my general reason for every multiplat game I buy. Second, 360 achievements.

Gue13137d ago

because one of the reasons about why I bought a PS3 was for Final Fantasy... When it was considered an exclusive of course.

Saigon3137d ago

The reason why SE decided to bring FF13 to the 360 was that they thought more people would buy the game in NA/EU. They knew Japan would have been over whelmed with PS3 FF13 so there was no reason to release a 360 version. On the flip side they expected the 360 version of FF13 to sell the same amount as the PS3 version did in Japan, if not better. Of course the gable did not pay off, SE was wrong.

This questionnaire is to find out, why the PS3 version of FF13 outsell the 360 version, while the 360 version has a higher install base in NA. This shows me that they are grasping straws at their decisions. They will probably use this to determine what system will see future games. I figured they would have learned from several past attempts that their games do not sell well on the 360. They need to go to what made them popular.

Sony doesn't care, they made money off the 360 version those who know why I said that...

Blaze9293137d ago

because the 360 version was gimped? What more is there to ask?

NegativeCreepWA3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

1.20 Since when is almost half a million in under a month not selling well. By your logic over 90% of the PS3 releases were a waste of time. Which I don't think they were, but according to you Naughty Dog shouldn't have bother with Uncharted, Demon Souls should of never released in the US and shouldn't be released in EU. Your logic is unbelievable.

Was Battlefield a waste of time on the PS3 it sold half as much the 360 version.

himdeel3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

...aren't making as much of a profit from FF13 on 360 right now. I'm uncertain the validity of this statement but I hear that on average most games of this budget don't make a profit until they clear 1 million copies.

I'm uncertain what type of arrangement SE has with MS allowing them a version of FF13 on that platform but I'd guess from a fiscal standpoint it was a waste of time from a cost and development standpoint, ONLY considering they delivered a "delayed" product. Particularly when you consider the following.

PS3 sales of FF13 is over 3.2 to million currently worldwide?
360 sales of FF13 is under or around 1 million worldwide?

EDIT: Scar I'd argue that it wasn't a waste of time to develop those other games as multiplats. I will argue that SE lost time and some sales by holding one version of a game back until both versions were complete. This is something that I don't think traditionally happens with any other multiplat game to the extent of FF13.

princejb1343137d ago

i bought it just for the final fantasy name

Brklynty13137d ago

"Give us a reason to keep games exclusive or multiplatform." Why did I but it on PS3? Because its the better version. No need to go into details.

raztad3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I think this is the first time I see a publisher asking why you bought its games on certain platform. I wonder which the ultimate goal is. Is Wada trying to convince the SE board of directors FFXIII VS going multiplat is the right thing to do?

Wada has been in bed with MS since this gen started, things are not going very smooth for him though. FFXIII selling much better on the PS3 probably is making harder to justify the extra spending to get it ported over the xbox360.

coolmatrix3136d ago

This is how Microsoft works. Make it multi-platform. We have such a large install base.

REALITY: You got served SE. The sales are NOT happening and never will.

FACT: Square Enix ruined their brand!! There is a reason why McDonalds ONLY makes Big Macs. Does BK make Big Macs. NOooooooooooo!!


BLURAY beats DVDs every day and night and weekend.

SE: You did not get my money. That is why I did not BUY FFXIII on PS3...

TOO MANY GOOD BLU RAY PS3 games. As John Stewart says 'GO F*CK YOURSELF SE!"

darthawesome903136d ago

I bought it on the PS3 because I believe passion projects such as Final Fantasy XIII should be kept on one console to ensure that the quality is at a maximum. I hate this dumbing down that we have been seeing(It wasn't like that on the PS2 or Xbox when games came out the xbox was always superior in graphics. Now dev's just want equality on all games regardless of the fact that one can outperform the other).

P.S. - Bring back the old FF music and songs similar to FFVI or FFVII Crisis Core. FFXIII music was ok but not epic (sad when the only one I can hum or remember is "My Hands"...pretty pathetic. (sorry the combat theme was ok.....that's all that I can think of. If u go to youtube u will see that its impossible to listen to FFXIII soundtrack. Why u ask? its because it sucks.

darthv723136d ago

its about outing those that bought the version that is different from the one you bought and ridiculing them. Nice!

Guess that makes me safe as I haven't bought my copies (yes plural) yet.

zeeshan3136d ago

I think they tested waters with the XBOX360 release of FF13. Microsoft asked them to make a FF game for Xbox360 so they made a "business decision" and went ahead with that deal (you can search for SE boss interview where he explained why they made a 360 version of FFXIII and you'll KNOW that I am not creating these facts myself). I think XBOX360 FFvs13 news is incoming this E3.

Why wouldn't they do that? I mean if they can sell half a million units of a game that was gimped down to meet 360 need and was poorly ported without working hard on it, why wouldn't they want to move FFvs13 to Xbox360? They know there are idiots who would pay for crappy ports and they have tested it and well, it is only a matter of time before M$ hands SE a nice big fat check again so they can have Vs13 go multiplat. Really, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they announced a 360 version of vs. You can expect that from SE any given day.

vhero3136d ago

You can only do it if you bought the game and live in the US.

Alvadr3136d ago

I chose the PS3 version for every one of those reasons.... Shame they are not doing this survey for EU accounts

kevnb3136d ago

but I wish I didnt buy it.

vhero3136d ago

@kevnb I'm glad I bought it i'm dissapointed I got the collectors edition as that was a total RIP OFF the art book had no art it it was screens of the game.. For the extra I could have got the guide to help me get those 5 stars on missions..

Tricksy3136d ago

Basically said i had a ps3. but in the question "what made you buy it?" I clicked other and said "well i bought it expecting another good FF game..."

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Pennywise3137d ago

I am 100% positive the 360 sales are from people who do not own a PS3. /end thread.

BeaArthur3137d ago

Agreed, if you own both and bought the 360 version you are either ignorant or there is something very wrong with you.

ELite_Ghost3137d ago

my stupid friend has 2 ps3s and 1 360 and he got the 360 version
why? he's just a fwcking retard...

BeaArthur3137d ago

Sounds like he might be.

NegativeCreepWA3137d ago

2.2 Is he a achievement whore? Because a few of my friends would do the same just because they would rather raise their 360 achievements. Well either way he's not very bright.

N4BmpS3137d ago

2.2 Lol wow that's interesting actually I have a friend who's friend did the same thing and there was a PS3 in the house. But I knoww for a fact he's not bright at all. Oh well, you can show the horse the water(you know the rest).

mindedone3136d ago

But that's sitting unopened on my shelf. I opened and played the PS3 version.

zeeshan3136d ago

@above: So basically you bought the same game for two consoles that you own and are playing it on PS3? Did I missing something?

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Doletskaya3137d ago

Why xbox owners don't like Final Fantasy despite all the money they wasted on promoting FFXIII on 360.SE,you know how you can get xbox owners to buy FFXIII? turn it into a FPS.

Cold 20003137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

It actually sold a lot faster than any jrpg ever released on the PS3. And faster than a lot of PS3 exclusives.

Guess PS3 owners should buy less Modern Warfare and buy more rpgs.

Hidden Star3137d ago

Cold 2000. FF13 is GOD RPG franchise. 360 has a 2:1 Userbase lead over PS3 and still got beat.

TheHater3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Think about that statement for a second. Didn't the game release both on the PS3 and Xbox 360? Didn't the PS3 version sold 800k+ while the xbox 360 version sold 400k+? I don't know what math you are doing, but the PS3 version is selling at twice the rate as the xbox 360 version with half the install base in North America.

"7 accounts" actually agreed with your idiotic statement? Just sad

Cold 20003137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Oh! lets just forget that its the first FF the xbox whereas the PS has had every FF released on the platform from FF1 to FF13 in one form or another.

480 000 in USA for a "traditional PS franchize" on a console where people "only buy FPS" is great.

Stop the pretending already lol.

@the hater: oh yeah, forgot XI but even FF fans dont consider it like a true FF. Kind of says it all.

Chubear3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

dayum, it's crazy the way you guys bend, curve, contort, distort, disjoint anything & everything to suit some delusional mindset and make things fit.

Who ever came up with that term (Mental Gymnastics) nailed it good cause that's the most appropriate terminology for this... syndrome.

TheHater3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )


Disagree? So you are telling me that FFXI WAS NOT RELEASE ON THE XBOX 360. Then what is this?

N4BmpS3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Seriously think about what you said...does it make sense to you? If it does my theory of you is 100% spot on(that's not good). But lets review shall we; you said originally "It actually sold a lot faster than any jrpg ever released on the PS3. And faster than a lot of PS3 exclusives." 2 points and I'm out (1) FF is a mega-series, it's ubiquitous, everywhere (2)You do know it's multiplatform right? Okay yeah it sold a lot on the PS3 specifically but then you should take into consideration that SE and PS goes hand in hand to some people. That's all I'm done.

Edit: anD Cold has another FAIL! FFXI? PS2/PC/360. Somone doesn't know their consoles roots.

Caffo013137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"on a console where people only buy FPS"?are you referring to ps3?cuz i m fairly sure MW sold a lot more on 360!am i wrong?...

SoapShoes3137d ago

Not only is it not the first FF on 360, you act like xbox fans haven't heard of or played a FF in their life... Yeah like they haven't played other systems before.

JD_Shadow3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

1. WHAT JRPG on the PS3? In case you didn't notice, the PS3 hasn't had many JRPG releases on the PS3 besides FF and WKC (the PS3 is just now beginning to get some), and from how many disappointing reviews WKC got, I assume you wouldn't be considering that game. So...what other JRPG on the PS3 are you using as your benchmark?

2. Modern Warfare 2 sold more (not by much, though) on the 360 because of MW fanboys associating the game as a 360 exclusive for some odd reason, even when the evidence otherwise stares them in the face constantly. Not sure how that sarcastic remark (even if it actually WAS sarcastic) made any bit of sense.

3. You use the worst benchmarks I've ever seen to prove your point that the 360 is better than the PS3. If you think that, fine! You're free to do that, there are reasons, albeit debatable ones, why people choose any console over another. But you're not using any good reasons. Compare the 360 version of FF13 to the 360 version of MW2, Gears, or Halo (the latter two sold way faster, by the way), and you'll see why there isn't much to brag about. Better yet, versus Fable 2, or the PS3 version of FF13. STILL not much to brag about. You're trying to use so many excuses that you're contradicting yourself.

4. Those kind of numbers for a "traditional PS franchise" (wait, I thought you guys tried to slam the "whiners" that reacted to the 360 announcement of FF13 that the franchise originated with Nintendo. When did that argument suddenly change?) are NOT okay, no matter how many times or ways you try to spin it.

5. Ahem, if the 360 version DID sell faster than any PS3 exclusive, and the PS3 version sold more than the 360 version, then...ah, forget it. I'm getting a headache just trying to explain this to an obvious brick wall. The only thing I should stop "pretending" is that we're actually using our BRAINS for this "debate". It's just you wanting all of us to agree with your warped logic.

By the way, thank you for quickly stealth editing your comment to take out something that would've burned you. You're last line in your comment was:

"Expect a Versus on 360 announcement in the more or less near future."

You DID realize who it is that is making Versus, and that those numbers were nothing to smile about, did you? You thought for a moment, though, that those numbers were THAT great?

[email protected] (Cold's use of his last bubble up top): If you read ANY of the stories about the Tomb Raider DLC, the GTA4 DLC, or the Bioshock timed exclusivity, you would NOT even THINK about debating that possibility.

And the reason why I'm answering your comment up top down here? Because you and your friends on here keep popping my bubbles whenever you can. I get the third bubble back, and then I drop back to two with my very next comment no matter HOW "unbiased" and "nice" it is (and yes, we're STILL waiting on the N4G update that Dusty said was a few weeks away about a month or two ago that would reset everyone's bubbles and would help to stop sh!t like that). You want me to waste my bubbles on crap like that? Tell your friends to stop stalking me!

[email protected] 360WA: Did you read ANY of this comment thread? We've already gone through WHY you're wrong in that assumption. Thing is, I know you're smart, and that you mean well (I actually gave you a bubble because your comment has some form of maturity in it and I know you're not a fanboy of any kind), but the numbers aren't as good as you think they are, or as Cold would like them to be. Sure, they are far from the "OMG, we'll go bankrupt from this move" sort of thing (no one said it was), but it's far from the "this is the best thing we've ever did". Thing is, with the way MS has gotten a lot of PS franchises for themselves, too (the "me too" ware) and with all the talk about install bases, those 360 numbers should've actually been able to BEAT the PS3 numbers, let alone be able to compete with the PS3 numbers (which they cannot).

And Demon Souls is a new IP. FF is a worldwide known franchise that has seen releases across so many systems and has been in the eyes of a lot of hardcore and casual gamers alike. I'm not surprised that FF sold more, knowing that.

NegativeCreepWA3137d ago

Regardless of what it sold on the PS3, it sold almost half a million in under a month on the 360. If you think those are bad numbers your as dumb as the people that own both consoles and bought the 360 version.

An amazing game like Demon Souls hasn't even sold that much yet. FFXIII was no where near a failure on the 360.

Gue13137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

there are 20m X360 and 12m PS3 in the US and FFXIII sold twice as much on the PS3 than X360. And don't forget about the exclusive deal between M$ and Square for the FFXIII advertisements in the US which make things kinda pathetic. Because Squre and M$ did everything in their power to make the X360 version sell more but the PS3 still beat it by selling twice...

NegativeCreepWA3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Even with the 360 install base being larger, I don't think anyone including Square and MS expected the 360 version to sell more. Think of all the people that own both consoles unless their new to the franchise they most likely bought it for the PS3 like myself. And as every one likes to point out FF fans are PS3 owners and 360 owners don't play rpgs.

I think a jrpg selling almost a half million in a month on the 360 is actually pretty damn good. And it shows that jrpgs can make it on the 360.

I'll stick with what I said because to me no matter how you look at the FFXIII has done pretty well on the 360.

Erotic Sheep3136d ago

LOL Cold the way you try to spin this and try to defend your self-ownage... it's just pathetic -.-

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cobraagent3137d ago

Why i bought the ps3 version? Beacause it was the only version out there when i bought it- imported it(december-japnese release date), i don't own a 360 and the ps3 version is the superior version

LiquifiedArt3137d ago

Cause its NOT a Final Fantasy.

Its contrary to everything that has been defined as Final Fantasy.

Redempteur3136d ago

summons ?
cid ?
story driven adventure with awesome cinematics ?
awesome graphics ( on the ps3 at least ? )
Time consuming ONLY if you want everything ?

sure nothing in common with other FFs