Final Fantasy XIII Sales Analysis, Xbox 360 Version Looks Strong

Go! Gaming Giant takes a look at the NPD sales numbers for Final Fantasy XIII in March 2010 and analyzes what this might mean for future iterations of the franchise on the Xbox 360. Go! Gaming Giant compares the sales numbers between the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 versions, and explains the public relations and advertising process leading up to the release of the game.

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trane073164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Totally true if it were in the ps3's case. 360 version strong? Umm yeah okay.

chidori6663164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

3.5 m vs 1.0 m

do you remember this?

I always laughed ms because of this pathetic statements... ;)

Wrathman3164d ago

ff13 sold 2 million+ in japan.which is a country that the 360 is it had months of exclusivity there.

so in the rest of the world in was more like 1 million xbox v 1-1.5 ps3.

thats a massive success for a debut game on the 360.

you can spin in anyway you like.but how many debut game hit 1 million sales?


happy_gilmore3163d ago

it only sold 400K in the USA and there is no way it will outsell the ps3 version in europe. so 400K in the US and maybe 250K in europe.. that's not even close to a million.

PLAYstar3163d ago

Its not like the 1M who brought the inferior version got an option to begin with. They're simply just too poor to buy themselves a PS3 or well their parents wouldn't want them to obtain a PS3 that could put a spell on ya with its variables, it does non stop gaming!

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Obama3164d ago

I know real ff fans want to play the game in 1080p. :)

Cold 20003164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Well now there will be more FF fans in the futur with close to 1 million already on the 360 in USA+EU.

Anybody know about how many the PS3 version sold in USA+EU ? I heard it was around 1.5 million or something. Not bad if true.

soxfan20053164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Which console's GAMEPLAY is 1080p?

blusoops3164d ago

Neither console is true 1080 in gameplay. They both upscale. PS3 version looks sharper tho and is on one disk. All of this is irrelevant tho to a tru ff fan. Play it on whatever console u own, and if u have a choice get the ps3 version.

Parapraxis3164d ago

Ps3 version looks strong.
360 version looks alright at best.

Raypture3164d ago

@Cry From the Sky

people like you are the reason gaming is dying, you people that only care about the graphics.

ShinMaster3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

PS3 version is almost doubling the sales of the 360 version.

I may get a disagree on my statement, but it's a statistical fact, I didn't just make it up.

fishd3164d ago

Well 360 owners bought more FFXIII game disk than PS3 owners, you know xD

-Alpha3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )


The 360 sales are doing well and it was a smart move for MS to get this multiplatform. The PS3 sales are obviously stronger but the 360 ones aren't bad either. The point is that people enjoy FF and 360 only owners can play it as well. This was supposed to be positive news article yet it's already being spun into a pissing contest of "graphics" and "true fans" by people like Obama.


This is a SALES thread. It was a peaceful article on how the 360 sales are strong for FF13 and then it gets turned into "yeah well its better on PS3" thread. It's funny how you approve of clear off topic trolling, and how the community here is okay with it. If a 360 fanboy decides to talk about sales in a PS3 graphics thread then the hypocrites would be quick to point out how the 360 fanboy is trolling.

thematrix12983164d ago

Funny how 360 owners crying foul when we talk about FF graphic. For cheap port to PS3, they think graphics is what we should talk about.

Christopher3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

First let me say that reading most of the posts here, it's like everyone suddenly lost their marbles. I guess it's a hot topic of debate, but even sane people are making idiotic comments here.

Now, my opinion on various items related to the sales of FFXIII in the U.S.

The gamers and Square Enix. Numbers are very strong and Square increased their potential market outside of Japan by going multiplatform.

Yes. Each game sold on the 360 is one less reason a person would want to pick up a PS3, though it's unlikely many would pick up one just for FFXIII in the U.S. Though there is the amount of money Microsoft invested in this to bring the title to the 360, especially when it comes to advertising and initial investment with Square. Regardless, these sales numbers are solid and will likely see Square investing in more multiplatform titles in the future, though likely not in Japan.

Not really. Those who wanted FFXIII likely already had a PS3 and purchased it for the PS3. The 360 sales, for the most part, probably consisted of gamers who wanted to play the game but wouldn't have purchased another console just to play it. Even a good number with consoles might have picked it up for the 360 because of their gamer score. PS3 is still the dominant factor when it comes to Final Fantasy on the HD consoles and it's not likely that that will change anytime soon, especially considering the percentage of sales that come right out of Japan.

My personal opinion is that they should all be introduced to the nearest active volcano for a free lava bath and should stop trying to use sales or graphical comparisons to fluff the feathers of their preferred console when they get absolutely nothing out of it and only succeed at making the gaming community look like juvenile idiots who have nothing better to do than argue about the dumbest of [email protected]

Enate3164d ago

Do you know what it means to take a gamble? What part of Microsoft getting FFXIII on the 360 as well was a gamble? Last time I checked there was no risk in it on Microsoft's side of things.

Darrius Cole3164d ago

Comparing FF13 sales numbers on the PS3 to the FF13 sales numbers on the 360 are not a fair comparison.

All of the U.S. advertising for FF13 has been for the Xbox 360 version. That was probably the case in Europe as well. I suspect that there are young people who don't know that it is available on PS3. What would the sales numbers look like if FF13 had U.S. commercials for the PS3 and for the 360 version?

morganfell3163d ago

Sales alone do not determine if it was a sound investment. Return on the dollar, short and long term matter.

Compare Sony's investment dollars - allocated funds, advertising of FF13, etc... the money MS allocated and spent on SE, advertising, etc.

Then look at the respective sales. While MS may have put a dent in the PS3 sales, including hardware, their return on the dollar wasn't an especially good one.

3163d ago
Anon19743163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Not much. FF games tend to be a bit long in development. We'd be looking at 2, maybe 3 years before the next one would come out. The PS3 will still be a viable platform in that time, but in 3 years the 360 will be 8 years old running 10 year old tech, and already we're seeing signs of a 360 decline from falling software revenue to year over year declines in hardware sales.

If I were a developer looking to release a new game in 2-3 years time, I'd go with the newer console that's presently experiencing a surge, not the old tech that's in decline. You don't look at the market now, you look to the future to when your product will actually hit the market. And the PS3 version of FF is outselling the the 360 version 3 to 1 worldwide, and that's with a smaller user base.

Maybe Square will make a quick buck by porting the next game to the 360, but it's pretty clear which is the pony to bet on when it comes to the Final Fantasy franchise.

darthv723163d ago

the less copies it sells the more its value goes up to collectors. I know that sounds selfish and shallow but i have a few rare games that are worth more than the more common versions.

Anybody who collects will understand.

Christopher3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

It's always a gamble when you don't control the development, especially when you come in when the other platform's version is already practically finished and it's the first time for for a franchise that's existed on the other platform since its first console.

And if you're saying it wasn't a gamble because it cost them nothing, then you are just in a land of denial with that. That's like saying they didn't pay anything for GTA4 DLC timed exclusivity.

Your ignorance in showing in your original comment.

ViciousBoston3163d ago

Soxfan and Cold go crawl under a rock.

Dance3163d ago

PS3 version of Final Fantasy is 720P not 1080P

TheReaper423163d ago

This game is mediocre at best. New final fantasy customers for the xbox360 will most likely avoid Final Fantasy related products in the future IMO. Square can try and redeem themselves with KH and Versus.

Bordel_19003163d ago

Who cares, FFXIII was a huge dissapointment. I'm not looking forward to anything from SE anymore.

Varodor3163d ago

if they buy xbox version of ff13 no wonder they love halo)

facelike3163d ago

There is one gamble you didn't mention, advertising dollars.

Microsoft obviously paid for the FFXIII commercials and that cost some serious money. Sony had no commercials and went off brand association.

We may never know how much Microsoft spent on the advertising and promotions but I'm sure their cut of the sales from the game paid off somewhat.

Sony probably made out like a bandit with the higher sales and the more conservative spending when it comes to this game.

vhero3163d ago

FF13 sold 1.7m on PS3 (not inc Japan) and 1.1m on 360 and the game was only EVER advertised as a 360 game... You really think that's a good thing?? Just over half the sales when only the 360 version was advertised?? the Game in total on PS3 has sold 3.6m copies more than 3 times the 360 version with NO advertising...

MS paid for all advertising and rights to the game on 360... MS probably lost a lot of money on this deal and considering it only just sold over a million I think MS are really pissed the game got terrible reviews... If they pay for yet another FF game on 360 they would be stupid as it obviously didn't work the first time and the only people who wound up hurt are the fans.

DaTruth3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

These must be VGChartz numbers, because they in no way reflect the real numbers!

How do they possibly get 1 million sales when NPD isn't even 500000? 360 with the larger installed base in US sold more copies in Europe, while PS3 that has a bigger installed base in Europe, sold on par with US. Anything to big up the 360!

A little logic makes fake numbers look faker.

vhero3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

nm this comment

HolyOrangeCows3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

FF13 sold too much on the 360 to be a collector's item (Though still not much considering how much advertisement MS spent on it). Besides, by the time it had been long enough, do you really think there will be ANY functioning xboxes? Here's a better plan: Get a 360, put it in a moisture proof case, open it up in 20 years and you'll have the only functioning Xbox 360 in the world. Instant collector's item.

eagle213163d ago

Aaron Greenthing said the 360 version would outsell the PS3 version. Well according to vgpredictions aka vgchartz the 360 version barely crossed a million worldwide and PS3 version should be around 4 million. So "looking strong" is relative to what normal people look at sales by, not the 360 fans or Aaron Greenbergs standards. :)

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Hanif-8763164d ago

I'm sorry for all those poor souls that bought the Xbox360 version :-(

GameOn3164d ago

We're just happy SE gave us the chance to try this game.

Raypture3164d ago

Sorry? Oh poor me it's torturing me over here as I enjoy it. You're another one of the people who are killing the gaming community, I enjoy it.


El_Colombiano3164d ago

Nice try but the cut scenes are not even in 720p. It's that pathetic.

Raypture3164d ago

Theres never been another confirmation report for that, and I thought that was the GAMEPLAY?

You people sure are trippin on your arguments.

-Alpha3164d ago

PS3 fanboys like the one above still feel "betrayed" that a third party game dared to go multiplat. Despite the fact that it's a sales article they are trying to compensate their pain by bringing up graphics and turning this into a good old fashion console war. Trolling is only acceptable when you troll on 360 news around here, get used it.

3164d ago
BlackSharinganX3164d ago

well its good to care about gameplay, but lets see we wasted good freaking money on new consoles for a more graphical experience, cause it wasnt for that then i should of stayed with my old ps2 or xbox, so your saying graphics dont matter?. dude it does, main reason why people bought the consoles is for a more epic experience on the visual and capacity stature. YOU AINT GOING TO BUY A GAME LIKE GEARS IF IT STARTS LOOKING LIKE MARIO FROM THE 90'S ON A CONSOLE YOU KNOW THAT CAN DO A LOT MORE, CAUSE IF I WANT A GAME TAHT LOOKS LIKE MARIO FROM THE 90'S ILL GO BACK TO NINTENDO 64 AND PLAY MARIO THERE. same with the FF13 issue of course there were people that bought for the xbox 360 cause its the only console they got, but if they got a ps3 as well and know that its superior there, then they are going to buy on the ps3.

Claudinho693163d ago


you forgetting that the ps3 "GAMEPLAY' also has higher resolution than the xbox version

ViciousBoston3163d ago

yes Raypture, it has been confirmed. Like 2 weeks before the game dropped.

Dance3163d ago

They got to play it so why would anyone feel sorry?

vhero3163d ago

They gave you the chance its not there fault you bought the 360 they dont choose which console you bought.

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-MD-3164d ago

Yep for a console whos fans "only buy shooters" it did a million in sales, glad I contributed toward that number.

The decision paid off so expect to see Verses and XIV on 360 too.

Godmars2903164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )


Just wow...


And of course FFXIV is headed to the 360. If the same BS that deep-sixed other MMO doesn't do the same to it.

lodossrage3164d ago

I assume we're using vgchartz for that number? And if you are, you ALL really need to either say vgchartz is official or that it's not. No more of this "we'll use vgchartz numbers when they're convenient" nonsense

Demon Blade3164d ago


3,5M VS 1M


just ignore him.

Pennywise3164d ago

demon blade, its not those number SE will look at... its:

0 VS 1mill.

despair3164d ago


yup a cheap port nets a million sales on x360 in a month so why not do the same in the future. A million sales is a million sales. Hope Versus doesn't go multiplatform though, It will mean we have to wait even longer for its release and i'm ready for it now :(

-MD-3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

You guys seem pretty upset. How is a million in sales on a "shooter console" bad?

Demon Blade seems to forget the game was exclusive in Japan for PS3. That's like me saying Halo sold 10 million on 360 and zero on PS3.

@Lodosrage - Well everybody else seems to do it so might as well join in.

The Maxx3164d ago

FFXIII was EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 in JAPAN where it sold around 2 million. Which means, everywhere else in the world, it has only sold 1 million on the PS3...just like the 360 has done.

Now of course had FFXIII been released in JAPAN on the 360 it still would have paled to the sales on the PS3 in Japan, but at least you could use the sales vs sales of the 360 and PS3 argument more accurately and fairly.

Pennywise3164d ago

I think worse case scenario is SE will give VERSES the XIII treatment. Exclusive in JPN and dumbed down on multiple discs for the 360. I know its been said that they won't put it on the 360, but it will not be surprising.

I don't mind if games are multi-plat or not. I just want the game to take full advantage of the PS3 when its made for it. These equal multiplats do not do the PS3 any justice. As long as Square keeps VS stunning looking with TOWNS on the PS3, I will be happy.

SpoonyRedMage3164d ago

the game did outsell FFXII's debut and it was definitely worth porting from a financial standpoint. In fact to argue that porting it was worth it because of only 500K US sales meanstht there are many games not worth porting to the PS3, for instance I'm sure Dragon Age and Borderlands only sold around 500K on the PS3.

Cold 20003164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

One million in one month for a JRPG is great for a "shooter console".

Except for FF13 itself, thats actually more than ANY jrpg on the PS3...the irony LOL. Moreover thats excluding the japanese market.

Oh and expect Versus to go multiplat too so prepare your tissues.

People are naive. Why do you think we havent seen anything about the game for like 5 years now...? LOL. I think scratching the original version and developing for two systems takes time :)

The same thing happened with FF13...and E3 2008 let us know why.

@murderdolls: hey dont be too hard with them, you know they were praying on their knees day and night that the 360 version flops and reality just gave them a smack in their face (again).

Godmars2903164d ago

Murderdolls, you seem to forget that the 360 hardly sells in Japan. Has an install base just over a million vs 5M PS3s. That overall, the PS3 has a smaller install base worldwide, and yet this game has sold the most on the system by a wide margin.

Just using the above as example, there is no way that you can say that it would have benefited 360 sales of the game had JP 360 owners been able to buy. If anything, it probably would have been an embarrassment tot he console.

Don't get me wrong, its nice that the game sold what it has on the 360, just stop it with the "win" BS.

kratos1233164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

can you answer my question the 360 fanbase keeps coming with the argument that if ff13 was released in japan it would have hurt the ps3 version i want to examine something here lost odyssey sold 110000 in japan alone and it was exclusieve to the 360 platform soo how much do you think ff13 would sell in japan if it was released and why would japanese gamers buy the inferior version when they have the good old ps3. look maybe it would have sold 100000 at most but do you trully think it would come even close to 200000 Bleu dragon only sold 200000.
so that would make the whole sales of the 360 version around 1.1million if it was released in japan and if you think it would have sold more you deserve a facepalm, dont stealth disagree with my tell my what you think after reading this text i like to read you reply

ALso @ spooney your logic is just $tupid if that was the case the wii wouldnt have any games expect fore nintendos
also both games you listed sold more than 500000 so it was worth the effort sometimes people talk too much and dont game at all

trane073164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

For a system to be outsold when it had nothing but exclusive adverts, exclusive bundles, and was outright tied to final fantasy's name outside of japan and still get stood up by the competition with a lesser installed base speaks volumes.

Please don't try and perpetrate murderdolls/cold2000. I really don't think that SE is going to waste the time to making Versus 13 multiplatform. Especially with the survey they've got going that should further cement this sentiment.


Better go get your fellow 360 brethren to start some spam rally. April 30th is just around the corner.

cry from the sky3164d ago

more people need to be informed that the 360 version is 576p

3164d ago
ALFAxD_CENTAURO3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

FFXIII Versus, will use a major performance of the PS3.
According with the comments from Square Enix, there will be no difference between CGI Graphics and Gameplay Graphics.

Xbox can't do what PS3 can do at full scale like Square Enix said in the performance.

And about FFXIV Online, I'm sure you will get it for PC, because is not coming for Xbox.

CernaML3164d ago

You have a PS3 yet you bought FFXIII on the 360... You are a strange one, Murderdolls.

Shadowstar3164d ago

According to the article, 1.3 million was the number quoted for NA sales; of that 1.3 million, 493,300 were for the Xbox 360. So... where's the other .5 million people are talking about?

Brklynty13164d ago

Do you have any freakin idea who the hell is behind Versus? If you don't, he basically a man that would marry the PS3 if he could. Nomura is a secret Playstation fanboy! Anything he's behind will be strictly SONY! You think for a console that has this huge fanbase to only get near 1million sales in a month from worldwide sales would get this game? No. In NA alone the game is near 1 million, then you got EU, and plz let's not go to JP. If anything, FFXIV maybe but who cares, but Versus? Oh no buddy if you don't have a PS3 now, save up your pennies because that game will not he give 360 a glance.

BlackSharinganX3164d ago

more like an idiot one if you ask me lol.

Nevers3161d ago

when I see my comment removed... I'm only as abrasive as others are whiny...all I said was for SE:

$$$ > Fangirl whining.

They don't give a rats that "fans" think their product should be exclusive. And they shouldn't base their business decisions on a bunch of nutless armchair quarterbacks... same for any other business.

I don't doubt SE will surprise (piss off) more people in the upcoming months.

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OutgoingSquall3164d ago

Versus and 14 are not coming to the DVD player.

fishd3164d ago

After what happened to FFXIII...anything is possible,not that I care tho,I just want a real FF goddamit

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Versus is Coming on Blu ray.

XIV Online is coming for DVD and Blu Ray, because will be only for PS3 and PC (already confirmed for both platforms).