Square Enix Europe Have 'Great Faith' In Natal, Move

Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers says that the company "have great faith" in both the Xbox 360's Natal, and the PlayStation Move.

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PhilipLarkin3138d ago

And? They don't need to have faith, they need to make good games for them!

mjolliffe3138d ago

I really think we need to wait until E3 before we make any expectations...

Sure, Square Enix have faith in them at the moment, but it depends what other developers come out with :)

Valay3138d ago

Phillip, that's exactly what I was thinking.

Logiistics3138d ago

Well could be good combination.

kevco333138d ago

After Square Enix's experimentation (or lack thereof) on Wii, I'm not expecting to much from them as developers.

SpoonyRedMage3138d ago

That's not really fair, there output hasn't been extraordinary but between Crystal Bearers and DQ Swords I think they've made better use of motion controllers than the majority of 3rd party publishers on the Wii.(and DQ Swords, Crystal Bearers and Chocobo's Dungeon rock)

SQ Europe(AKA Eidos) haven't done anything worthwhile on the Wii though.

scruffy_bear3138d ago

Wonder what them working on

movements3138d ago

I have not faith in them.

Well little faith..

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