Gears Of War: Confirmed for Windows XP/Vista

Microsoft has confirmed today that Gears Of War is Coming to Windows XP/Vista and it will contain extra content than the xb0×360r version of the game which has been available for a while now .

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Lord Anubis4002d ago

interesting they dropped the: Vista Only

ngoniko4002d ago

wow yay! pc hardware > 360

I can play this agian.

Kleptic4002d ago

I was really suprised that they focused on this and nothing on UT3...Gears on the PC will be great, especially if the conrtol speed works out well for playing 360 owners...

but UT3 isn't very far from being completed apperantly...yet nothing was shown on it for both PC and 360...what gives, Epic?

Kleptic4001d ago

So Jack Tretton just said on the Sony conference that UT3 is a ps3 exlusive "this fall"...and sort of said Haze is not even a timed exlusive anymore...just updating my above comment, but I made it too long ago to edit it...

Firewire4002d ago

wow same old crap!
MS failed E3 huge!
I luv how G4 said there was a special Japanese guest,
and that Peter Moore would have a snake of MGS tattoo!
what a bunch of losers!
No MGS for the little xbots!

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