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Bigmac5733666d ago

took a diarrhea on it =(

Firewire3666d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing!
couldn't they come up with something better?

gaffyh3666d ago

OMG that is a really sickly colour. Just make it all Black and a little bit of green. The controller looks the worst.

Also Known As3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

its for halo fans, are any of you douche-bags halo fans?

for all of you that havent noticed, it is green to match the color of master chief's armor and the bronze(orange) matches his visor.

rubarb233666d ago

this has to be the gayest thing i've ever seen! another sku? meh, excuse me while i take a dump.

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Crazy Larry3666d ago

Like Sony is any different with their "new" 80 gig PS3.

360Sheep3666d ago

hahaha crazy.. yeah money hungry huh, kinda like adding 20 GB and a game for the same price as originally launched... rriiiigghhhttt

aiphanes3666d ago

They should be fired!!!

This is all the hardware microsoft had to show?

BrownPowerzz3666d ago

did you expect microsoft to announce ..

the Xbox720, or maybe a 360-portable!? ;P

WilliamRLBaker3666d ago

Looks like ima have to purchase a 2nd 360....

nix3666d ago

don't forget to buy a green towel so that it will match! q:

joking... ((:

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The story is too old to be commented.