NextGN is Recovering from a Hacker Attack - Stay Tuned

NextGN's Editor-in-Chief, Yogev Sitton, comments on the recent attack made by hackers: "Quick update - after more than 50 websites and blogs picked up our Project Natal video, thank you to everyone who actually linked back, our servers were attacked by hackers (that's why there were no updates today).

We are working hard to fix all the damages. Thank you for your support."

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PeterPanParadox3138d ago

I hate hackers. Hopefully you guys will be up and running again soon.

Evil Industry3138d ago

Ugh - sh1t like this makes me ashamed of being a gamer.Best of luck NextGN.

IndigoProductions3138d ago

Agreed. Sucks for these guys.

BobKotickIsTheKiller3138d ago

Sorry to hear guys. Wish you a good recovery.

GameOn3137d ago

I wonder why they were targeted.