Microsoft E3 2007 Press Briefing Summary

Teamxbox was at the Santa Monica High School where Microsoft was hosting its E3 07 Media Briefing. They were anticipating a demo of Halo 3, probably from the single player campaign, as well as further information regarding online co-op.

Here is what went on at Microsoft's E3 Press Briefing:

08:32 p.m. The show begins

08:33 p.m. Halo 3 stuff. A band is playing the Halo theme. On the screen, they are playing screenshots from the multiplayer beta. They are mixing violin with heavy guitars.

08:36 p.m. Master Chief is on the screen right now. Peter Moore is on stage.

08:38 p.m. Peter Moore highlights every demo we see today is from a game that will ship this year.
08:39 p.m. Harmonix is on stage. Peter Moore grabed the wireless guitar. He's playing with Harmonix guys.
08:41 p.m. Hahahaha. Peter screwed it up because he pressed the pause button!

08:43 p.m. They are showing Viva Pinata. It's a new game. A party game called "Party Animals." It features 50 mini-games
08:45 p.m. They are showing a new Mass Effect trailer now.

08:46 p.m. Peter Moore has just confirmed Mass Effect will be released in November

08:47 p.m. Peter Moore is highlighting that Xbox 360 has the largest install base. Xbox 360 is selling more games than both the Wii and the PS3 combined. 2/3 of all next-gen games are sold on Xbox 360. Since November, Xbox 360 gamers have spent 2.4 billion in games.

08:49 p.m. Peter Moore is saying that the top 5 selling games of last generation were the three GTAs and the two Halos. The sequels will all be available on Xbox 360!

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Blankman3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

wat do you think you guys. Did halo 3 look way better than it did in the beta. maybe because i didnt see it in high def but looked pretty much the same to me.

Yea i thought e3 was pretty lame too probably because they refused to let us in

Firewire3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

what a crap conference! nothing new at all. Halo well, looked like
Halo. Nothing except 1 game from 2008? what the hell is that!
I love how G4 said, there was a special Japanese guest, and that we might see Peter Moore with a snake or MGS tattoo! Lame! No MGS for the xbots!
I told you little suckers! Honestly what a lame conference, even the damn crowd was dead!

Nothing new except live crap games! This E3 is easily Sony's or Nintendo's!

hazeblaze3902d ago

I think Halo 3 looked pretty awesome... it didn't look like anything drastically different than past Halo's but it still looked cool. COD4 looked better though. Overall, I found the conference pretty disappointing though... a bunch of multiplats & a couple of lackluster looking exclusives. Other than Halo 3, the only exclusives I have to look forward to are really Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey :-(

TheFamilyGuy3903d ago

I guess it looked a little better. Difficult to judge though since it wasn't actually in my console and on a TV like the Beta was.

I thought they did a good job.

The Assassin's Creed demo was the best part of the briefing in my opinion.

Adamalicious3902d ago

The Halo footage definitely looked better than the beta, but still not mind-blowing by any stretch. I think Bungie's taking this one seriously - they know they let people down with Halo 2 and they can't afford to do that again - though it will sell like a billion copies either way...

BubblesDAVERAGE3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Halo looked good but the rest of the show was lame..personally thats the worst showing e3 could have ...No fanboy involved..i see you mentioned COD4 and AC but there both on ps3 and will have basically the same gameplay didnt set them apart for 08...but mass effect was good news..also 4 skus it is getting ridiculous..too many skus..

TheFamilyGuy3903d ago

The COD4 and Assassin's Creed demos were amazing, especially AC's.

The only way they could have done better would have been to get a demo of Halo 3 (but then again, didn't we get to play a beta for it!?) or Grand Theft Auto IV shown.

the_round_peg3903d ago

Halo 3 won't turn out to be a disaster after all. LOL.

Greysturm3903d ago

I think it was the worse because no exiting comments or news were released it was all information we knew and things we had seen in other trailers except perhaps for halo3 which i expected to be shown more.

the_round_peg3903d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

maybe Halo 3 will redeem itself from the beta after all.

... Microsoft really did not talk much at this conference. Nothing about the huge warranty plan. No portable device. No price cut. No Bioshock. No Too Human. No Alan Wake. No Peter Jackson.

They just showed us the games we knew about.

Oh well, we'd just have to wait for Microsoft's own X06 event -- which is coming up in about a month.

hotshot12373903d ago

what happen 2 mgs4 and price drop and games that we havent heard anything about and......oh wait.....................wooho oo!!!!disney movies...........oh wait but what happen 2 those good graphics they said would b in single player......and its still the same as multiplayer in halo......what happen 2 a playable demo......oh wait at least u guys r gettin re5. but thats not a big deal. well at least ur gettin a FOURTH 360........but this time its green!!!!hahaha. and not 2 mention some of those games were multiplatform.....and nobody heard anything that wasnt really already known.............except disney movies.woohooo!!!!!!!!im so excited.hahahahahahahhahahahah much 4 best e3

razer3902d ago

You don't sound jaded at all do you?? LOL You better hope fireworks shoot out of Kaz's ass at their press conference or expect a similar response for Sony. I will be wondering if you will be as critical for their press briefing because right now I'm suspecting you are nothing but a Sony fanboy and don't even own a 360..