Sexy gamer apparel that you should try to convince your girlfriend to wear

All guy gamers deserve to have girlfriends that also have the same sort of passion for videogames. These sexy gamer apparel could be the solution. Those lucky enough to convince their girlfriends to wear the following things should give any lucky gamer guy rushes of geeky happiness.

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NeverforgetNES3165d ago

Pretty funny article. Love the tone.

Tempist3165d ago

The alternative title is "How to be a single gamer stuck with woman's clothing in about 1 minute."

Or "How to dress to get WoW Gold."

ThatArtGuy3165d ago

"You might be able to accomplish this with a girlfriend, but you won't have a chance in Hades to get your wife to do it."

john master lee3165d ago

I don't think wearing any of these things to work would be safe.

Vinyl_Vixen3164d ago

Well. I would have to say it's NSFW. Yea, too sexy for work. and nerdy.