Yahoo: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Review

These two essential new chapters for Grand Theft Auto IV are now available for PlayStation 3 or PC on a low-price standalone disc.

This will be one of the best value add-ons you'll ever encounter. Two all-new story arcs set within the world of Grand Theft Auto IV, both taking several hours to complete, and with terrific multiplayer modes extending the pleasure.

First up, "The Lost and Damned". This is no lightweight addition to Grand Theft Auto IV. From the moment you meet the new lead Johnny Klebitz it's clear that Rockstar has delivered something significant, for GTA, and as a benchmark for add-on content.

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JackBNimble3163d ago

I am a fan of GTA , but 5/5? Really?

Dellis3163d ago

Why not???

this is an amazing huge world with 2 stories + tons of stuff to do+Online gaming?

Its 5/5, it is actually better then GTAIV

JackBNimble3163d ago

Because the amount of slow down when alot of action is going on is terrible. This is my only complaint with the game.

Charmers3163d ago

After reading some of the comments from actual PC users there is no way this game should get 5/5 it would be generous to give this game 3/5 for the technical problems on the PC.

Ho well I might pick it up when it is £1.99 in a bargain bin. Well done Rockstar you have reduced the GTA franchise to bargain bin quality on the PC.