Project Gotham Racing 4 Press Confrence E3 2007 Trailer

E3 2007 MS Press Conference Trailer

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MoonDust3973d ago

The weather is looking amazing. Can't wait. SEPTEMBER :)

Crazyglues3973d ago

Everything in the game is looking amazing... Can't wait to check out how good the bikes feel.

I really hope they made some fine tuning for the xbox racing wheel because I want to get one for this game, but only if they worked it out so it feels realistic... otherwise forget it.

sjappie3973d ago

on the marketplace is even better,it's awesome!

Firewire3973d ago

Doesn't even look as good as GT1.
The weather sequence sucks huge!
Try harder MS, because this crap sucks!

BIadestarX3973d ago

So you actually going to go into every xbox 360 article and post the same crap? You said the same about Halo... Don't bother you have 0 credibility...

Bloodmask3973d ago

become my number one most wanted game. It is by far the best graphics I have seen in a racer.

I know it lacks the depth of Forza but man those pics and videos are just breathtaking.

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