Demon's Souls – Black Phantom Edition

NAMCO BANDAI Partners S.A.S., one of the video game industry's leading distribution, marketing and sales companies, today announced an agreement with renowned Japanese publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) for the distribution of the acclaimed action RPG title Demon's Souls across the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Following its release in Japan and North America where it garnered high praise from media and a loyal audience of fans, the PlayStation®3 (PS3) game will be launched on June 25, 2010 as an exclusive European limited edition retail pack containing the soundtrack CD, a new artbook and brand new strategy guide.

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Nineball21123140d ago

Great game even though I about broke my controller more than once out of frustration!

I finished it once and moved on, but I definitely plan to go back for another "go round" when I get some time.

This Black Phantom Edition looks pretty sweet, too.

ClownBelt3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

So NA got the blue phantom cover while Europe will get the black phantom.

Raf1k13140d ago

I imported my copy but I'm definitely getting this limited edition.
Would have been nice to have a larger art book though since I'd like to take some high res scans for wallpapers and such.

mastiffchild3140d ago

I got burned (twice) trying to import DS and, tbh, I think I'm WAY too old for SE of games these days-aren't we ever going to get, y'know, JUST the game released over here in the UK/EU? I just don't want to have to shell out the extra on top of what I already lost just to play the game-I've no use for the extras! Just the game, please-for us impoverished and tight types-and those who just don't think specials are any value.

Slient Knight 93140d ago

likewise i imported my copie, but i'll pick this up as well

Timactionfigures3140d ago

Perhaps the best game I've ever played. I can't STOP playing it after over 120 hours into it. My PS3 phatty broke after my first time thru and I had to start over on a new Slim :(

But anyway...don't even sit on the fence. This game is worth well over $60. But KNOW what you're getting into :)