New Mario Galaxy 2 power-up revealed

ONM: Nintendo has released artwork which reveals a new Cloud Mario power-up in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Samus HD3082d ago

Mario the best Game ever - that makes Nintendo with best console's Ever (Wii to)

Shadow0173082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Ya my favorite video game character is snake but mario will always be #1.

xskipperx823082d ago

If this were any other character than Mario it would be the [email protected]$t thing ever! But since it IS Mario it's A-OK. Not complaining here. I think it's freakin' awesome!

Subzero200x3082d ago

why do these retards have to reveal the whole game? whats the point of playing it when everything is already shown? the 80's was way better then these shi**y days.