NEW HALO Xbox 360 Revealed

A special edition of the 360 is being made.It is a green Xbox specially made for halo 3, it will also include a whole bunch of new accessories in the new green color.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4001d ago

MS E3 showing was bad......even the advid xbox fan gotta agree with that..

kspraydad4001d ago

They did surprise with VP Party Animals...

ITR4001d ago

RE5 was a good surprise.

ITR4001d ago

I wonder about the price.
It looked like a Elite but with a special paint job. (looked greyish to me)

aiphanes4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

And will this xbox have the fixed motherboard? 65 nm chipset?

How much will it cost? Why come they did not disclose the price of the Halo 3 Xbox? Why green? It is such an ugly color for a console!

What was microsoft thinking?

The Halo 3 trailer looked good though....

G_CodeMonkey4001d ago

The price will have to come out. As far as the 65 goes, I don't think they are there yet to comment. I'm surprised they didn't mention that they'd throw in Halo (except there are 3 SKUs for that also).

My opinion, those who want Halo3 already have a 360, but I agree there are some who are fence-sitters. A price cut could really open up the floodgates, especially if it doesn't require a HD and they drop the core price to match the Wii (and throw in a memory unit). As far as color, some folks like that military-style look.. which begs the question: why not camo or the master chief blue?

Overall, not a bad showing---I was very impressed by the game line-up (though I was already). I have to admit I was almost expecting the MGS4 tattoo.

What's with the new controllers??!?! I expected them to mention motion-sensing. Other than that, why not use the existing controllers? (besides expense for a famliy to get 4 of them). And if you're going to introduce new controllers, go ahead and throw in the motion-sensing in one shot..


EZCheez4001d ago

This is unimpressive, and I like Halo. Don't most Halo fans already own a 360? I know there are a few waiting to buy one just for this game, but is the potential Halo market big enough to make another SKU?

OFF TOPIC-I'm starting to notice that I will never need a 360 to enjoy the really great games on the system, because they will probably come out on a platform I already own, the PC!

G_CodeMonkey4001d ago

Still, a map editor for Gears is very intriguing.. Damn, when will VelocityGirl upload some 360 Gears maps?!? gCM

DrPirate4001d ago

It was ugly as hell.

A green ugly brick. What sellouts. HYPE MASS EFFECT ITS YOUR BEST GAME MICROSOFT!

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