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The latest LEVEL scores include Splinter Cell Conviction, the first Lost Planet 2/Dead to Rights: Retribution reviews, Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies, and more.

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Valay3169d ago

Is that the first Lost Planet 2 review?

mjolliffe3168d ago

Nope, it got its first review in OXM UK, where it received 8/10 :)

GUCommander3169d ago

The review score for Dead to Rights: Retribution is very surprising. I expected it to get more than that.

Aphe3168d ago

The first one was crap though, didn't really have much faith in this one.

ElementX3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I bet those developers feel awful when they work hard on something and get all excited for reviews and then BAM! 4/10. Must be heart breaking and very embarrassing.

Furthermore, if the studio goes under, then what? You can't put a 4/10 game on your resume....

"Ah, I see you developed Dead to Rights, I'm sorry but we need somebody with more talent"

Aphe3168d ago

Yeah it must hurt. But to many it's just a job, a great game needs a lot of factors to make it great. Good ideas, a good team and good management, and a lot more. Some games just don't have The X Factor lol.

Rock Bottom3168d ago

Most game developers are also gamers, they most probably know if they're making a 4/10 game.

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-Mezzo-3168d ago

Lost Planet 2 review is a bit of alarming, i was expecting great review for the game.

Valay3168d ago

Well...It did receive an 8.

Chris3993168d ago

it just seemed brilliant at it's time. There wasn't really a slew of blockbusters at that time for it to compete with, either. It was like being the least ugly girl at the prom. The real test of a game (for me) is in how it AGES.

Some games are classic, Mario, Halo, Drake. Doesn't matter if you play them 5 years later, they still retain their magic.

Can't say that I have any urge to return to LP1.

That's my take.

BeaArthur3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I don't know I have heard that the demo is just as laggy online as the first one was. LP was a great multiplayer game (when it didn't have crippling lag). Multiplayer would be my only reason for picking this one up and if it is going to have the same problems as the original, I say no thanks.

Chris399...agreed, I don't know why anyone would expect a lot from this one, the original was a solid game but nothing to get excited about.

thief3168d ago

You know whats really shocking? The First Lost Planet outsold Bioshock and Mass effect (or at least ran the close) on the 360. Both those games were so far superior to Lost Planet

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Hellsvacancy3168d ago

Demons Souls 9? nice, im lookin 4-ward 2-it cummin 2 the the Uk in June

Pennywise3168d ago

I hope UK makes DS use protection.

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