PlayStation 3 price "still high", says Square Enix boss

John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square Enix's European and North American subsidiaries, has warned that gamers may still think PS3 is too expensive despite the recently announced price cut.

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deepujatt20053906d ago

Square Enix
crazy bastards

sony fan3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Even though sony has admitted the PS3 is not worth 600 but rather 499 at the most, I don't care. Even though I paid 600 which I could buy a better version for the same price now, I don't care. Yes, even though I have not been able to play more than 2 OK games on my system since launch and it has been just collecting dust until the price dropped. (maybe sony screwed me?) No, I will be happy about the fact that now some games are finnally coming out people can go buy the system for 100 dollars cheaper cause, I'm a sony fan. Yea, we are like that. Even though the xbox still is as valuable as 2 years ago and the PS3 is dropping price already, due to being a useless machine so far with no demand, I'm going to act like it is a good thing for sony they had to drop their price, yea.

ngoniko3906d ago

freaken noobs, this is already been posted, and read the interview, why stirr things up more?

BubblesDAVERAGE3906d ago

because xbox e3 showing sucked gotta stir up some kinda anti ps3 news

nasim3906d ago

dont worry .
SE is with SONY.

with the price cut ps3 is already selling like crazy everywhere.

Firewire3906d ago

Guys I was at my EB tonight before the show, to pre-order
some games. The manager said they sold 32 PS3's in the last 48hrs,
essentially there stock! People were asking to but there names down for
when there re-stocked.
I honestly didn't think $100 could make such a difference!

Husso3906d ago

another idiot like the one from konami.

Kees3906d ago

lol...uhm duh'.... just like Sony doesn't know this themselves...

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The story is too old to be commented.