Resident Evil 5 Coming To 360 Confirmed

Just announced at MS KEYNOTE Resident evil5 coming to 360. Also first ever trailer shown.

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kspraydad3883d ago

Capcom confirm X and PS3 months and months ago? Was there doubt?

tehcellownu3883d ago

yup this shouldnt be suprise to anyone..

THE_JUDGE3882d ago

pretty sure this is old news that Microsoft just found out about. Opps!

Dudeson423883d ago

Just seeing a pre made trailer and i'm psyched, total RE fanboy here, guilty as charged!!!!

MADGameR3883d ago

that RE5 is multi platform. Its foolish to say it was only exclusive to 1 console since the 1st trailer said it was Multi plat in the first place!

the_round_peg3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

It's almost becoming like a habit.

ChronoTrigger873883d ago

they showed a trailer. they did not snatch any exclusive. re5 is coming to BOTH Ps3 and 360. k?. and for your info ms keynote wasn't great at all. (the halo trailer at the end was nice though love the music like crazy.)

specialguest3883d ago

Remember that RE4 was originally a Gamecube exclusive. That right there already proved that RE was never a Sony exclusive silly.

the_round_peg3883d ago

it's listed as an exclusive for PS3 at many websites.

Now it's not.

So Xbox 360 has snatched away the exclusive from PS3. It's that simple.

crippler6663882d ago

Was listed on IGN for 360 and PS3 for around 5 months now.

BBsin3882d ago

Wtf are you talking about ktchong??? this game was confirmed multiplatform many months (probably a year ago maybe) ago. Microsoft didn't snatch anything away from sony during e3 07. Man, fanboys have a really really bad memory

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aiphanes3883d ago

I did like the Halo 3 and the Gears of War for the PC...but why come they did not demo Halo 3 more? It was only a trailer!!!

All i really care about for the Xbox 360 is Halo 3...

There was no price drop announced either...damn microsoft is holding its line...I think they are getting scared though...

But they had the balls in a weak ass presentation.

Crazy Larry3883d ago

The trailers for Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey TOTALLY blew my balls off. I thought the event was pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.