Insomniac: Infinity Ward sackings are 'horrifying'

Resistance: Fall Of Man developer Insomniac has labelled the treatment of Infinity Ward's Jason West and Vince Zampella by Activision "horrifying".

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hiredhelp2991d ago

I lke this its good to hear oersonal response from another developer.
as they understand more than any of us. this will surely have damage limation to activision after this year with courtcases from patant on guitar hero to the latest sacking of Jason West and Vince Zampella and a further 11 more.

C-R-E-A-M2991d ago

Give me a break.. People lose there jobs every day!!!!!!!!

hay2991d ago

It kinda sucks that lots of people that pretty much made IW what it is now are sacked. This happens when intellectual properties and ownership rights become more important than people who were the source of success.

@C-R-E-A-M: Come back commenting on serious topics when you stop drawing your pubes with crayons and actually grow some yourself.

mittwaffen2991d ago

No it doesn't, any FPS dev will consider picking up an EX-billion dollar game employee.

They dont have it bad, put your pity somewhere more useful guys. Everyone at IW will be fine; because the people there know(knew) how to make big money. Other developers kill for that.

Kurylo3d2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

they have it bad cause they were supposed to get a cut of modern warfare2s profits.. millions of dollars for themselves.. instead they got screwed over and fired cause someone didnt wanna pay em out.

Its not about them losing their jobs... its about a greedy employer screwen someone over... it is a very big deal... and shows the character behind the company.

But from what i hear it may have been their own faults in the first place.. I heard they were shoppn out modern warfare and themselves to activisions biggest competitors like EA

FragGen2991d ago

This whole thing strikes me as the old "three sides to every story" situation. Fact is huge sums of money became involved and everyone acted like an a-hole. West and Zampella look like the good guys in most of the reporting only because they're standing next to an even bigger douchebag (Activision/Kotick).

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Meryl2991d ago

I hope Activision get everything they deserve, you can't go around treating people like that forever and continue to get away with it

jerethdagryphon2991d ago

insomniac may call there own shots but its us fans who determine weather they stay in business...

with that in mind more rachet please :)

hiredhelp2991d ago

uncharted 3 next year please.

kurochi2991d ago

you meant Naughty Dawg and not Insomniac for Uncharted 3, right?

SuperStrokey11232991d ago

Maybe you should ask Naughty dog for that instead...

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