Eurogamer | Monster Hunter Tri Review

Eurogamer: Just remember, the bigger they come, the more likely they are to crush you mercilessly into a greasy pulp. But you'll go back, again and again, because what Monster Hunter does best is enrage you just enough. To prick your ego right to the point where it's about to burst, before suddenly rolling over for you to tickle its scaly belly with a 14-foot lance. Once it has its claws in you, you're over.

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Myst3138d ago

Another good score for another good game, So close to release yet so far away! Why couldn't there have been a midnight launch for this game :/. Seems like it would have been a good game for a midnight least for the fans...

eagle213138d ago

Damn, nice score! (excuse my language)

Even 3rd party Wii games are scoring great this year. :)