IncGamers: Lost Planet 2 Single Player Hands On

IncGamers' Andy Alderson returns to EDN III in Capcom's action sequel.

From the preview:

"Once stuck in the middle of a vicious Ice Age, EDN III has been warmed, although how it happened is up for debate. Some say the enormous Category G Akrid are to blame while others suspect vast underground reservoirs of thermal energy. Either way, snow and ice have, in places, given way to lush, tropical jungles meaning you'll have a pretty new game world to explore in Lost Planet 2. And with a new EDN III comes a new approach to gameplay in Capcom's sequel. This is a game geared entirely towards the four player co-op experience."

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Maticus3169d ago

I must admit, it sounds stunning to look at. Keen to find out more about co-op.

Dorjan3169d ago

meh, sounds like you really need to play it human co-op. I guess the preview you had didn't have that option.

Fyzzu3169d ago

AI sounds a bit disappointing but it's all about the co-op for me. Looking forward to hearing about that.

Leord3169d ago

Doesn't sound bad at all. Love co-op!