E3: Viva Pinata Party Animals Revealed

Microsoft's press event is underway right now, and one of the first games to be showcased is Viva Pinata: Party Animals, a party game based on Viva Pinata, with all the original Viva Pinata animals.

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Close_Second3997d ago

My kids love Viva Pinata on the 360 and the show on Cartoon Network. I often come home and find one of them extending their garden to try attract a new Pinata.

As for the party game, if its as fun as other party games but has a bit more staying power then this is a must have for my family.

@bigmack (above) - if you don't like it why even bother coming in to pass a comment. Especially one that adds no value to the topic or this site what so ever.

Skynetone3997d ago

I want to see a halo killer Then a jak and daxter killer

Andres3997d ago

I want Banjo or kameo2 instead of this party crap! Where are the decent games Rare????