Rhianna Pratchett chats to Critical Gamer

Critical Gamer writes: Thrilled to finally win an audience with Rhianna Pratchett, we were slightly surprised to find her writing den overrun by small goblin – like creatures. Most of them were scribbling manically on dried kitten skin, while Rhianna cackled with glee from within her oversized helmet.

It seems that the Overlord games are sort of interactive documentaries.

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Pidgeridoo3017d ago

Very interesting interview!

scruffy_bear3017d ago

Yeah sad to hear Rhianna not working on Mirror's Edge

dgroundwater3017d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Though it wasn't her fault that ME has such a bare bones story, I still say the writer wouldn't make any difference. Unless DICE slows the pace down for the sequel it won't matter who writes it.

IDesertFoxI3017d ago

Good interview. I'm very intrigued as to how much was actually cut out of Mirrors Edge.

scruffy_bear3017d ago

Yeah it's a shame Rhianna didn't get more time to write the story of Mirror's Edge

Pidgeridoo3017d ago

Hope Rhianna get's to work on Overload 3 :)

scruffy_bear3017d ago

Love the Overload series, the writing is so funny

ThanatosDMC3017d ago

HAHAHAH! It was funny when i killed all the females of the village and took the gold.

Cubes3017d ago

Good interview. It will be interesting to see where the Mirrors Edge story goes next.

scruffy_bear3017d ago

Yeah I wonder where it go next too. I not sure it be as good though

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