Crytek 'working very closely on Natal and Move'

Frankfurt-headquarted studio Crytek has joined the growing list of studios committing to develop games for both Sony and Microsoft's motion control systems.

The firm's CEO Cevat Yerli told Develop his studio is "working very closely with Sony and Microsoft in regards to motion control on both the PS3 and Xbox 360", and compensated his remarks by adding "that's as much as NDA allows us to say right now."

The revelation comes in the wake of rumours that flew from Crytek UK filing a trademark on a logo and name for "Self Defense" – widely suggested to be a motion control project.

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Sikbeni103137d ago

Crytek can f*ck off.

All they have doine for the last week and a half is hate on every developer that has made successful IP's.

We all know Crysis will have a sh*t story and will be a laughing stock, only plus is the visuals.

CaliGamer3137d ago

But how about they release some lengthy Crysis 2 footage so we can see if all their chest thumping was indeed warranted.