What makes horror games so scary?

Done properly, there's nothing quite like a scary game – nothing that sticks in the mind more than that sheer sense of fear, of revulsion, of fighting through the mental pain barrier and setting foot in the spider's lair, or through the facehugger infested corridor, or opening that sinister door with the scratching sounds on the other side.

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The Tingler3164d ago

Interesting article, and mentioning both Realms of the Haunting and Clive Barker's Undying gets it a thumbs-up instantly.

Chris3993164d ago

No idea what happened with Jericho. Clive Barker's works are always hit or miss though. Some are brilliant, just as many are "wtf".

Jericho had possibly the worst ending I've ever been witness to (as well as the shortest since the NES days - think it was maybe 15 seconds tops).

lociefer3164d ago

silence and suspence, remeber when we used to walk to halls of the police dep. and nervously aware tht nemesis will jump out any sec to get us? now thts scary

Cerebellum3164d ago

I remember nearly sh1tting my pants when I first played Clock Tower for ps1. That game has ingrained a paranoia in me where I always have to look behind my shower curtains, pretty sad really. But what makes a game scary is vulnerability. Even though RE has guns, you still feel vulnerable being alone in that mansion (the opening doors scene always freaked me out). Oh yeah, try giving Alone in the Dark: The new nightmare a go...if you dare...

Darkstorn3164d ago

I'm surprised there was no mention of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. That game was so intense...

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Darkfiber3164d ago

There hasn't been a good horror game in years. Dead Space was a good game, but it wasn't scary. They used the same scare tactics throughout the whole game by having monsters jump out at you and bodies that look like they are dead (even though they plow it into your head 50000 times that they will ONLY die when they have their limbs cut off, and you can clearly see that they are fully intact) and jump up at you when you walk near them. Sure it was kinda startling the first time, but it became extremely predictable by the end. Atmospheric scares are the best kinda, and Dead Space had a severe lack of that.

The only games lately that I think had some truly scary parts were the Condemned games because, for the most part, the enemies were realistic. You were fighting crackhead bums instead of silly monsters. A lot of it was stuff that could happen in real life if you decided to stroll down an alley in a bad neighbourhood. Plus they had some really scary and unique mind effs that Dead Space, and most other horror games don't have.

MazzingerZ3164d ago

I agree with you about Dead Space and Condemned.

On the other hand I don't quite agree with "There hasn't been a good horror game in years", you need to play SIREN: Blood Curse, PAL version if you have the possibility as it's uncensored, it's old school, a real survival horror's horror games allows you get armed to the teeth so actually the only one scared there is you enemy LOL

Shibitos are scary as hell!

ElementX3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I remember being stoned and playing Condemned: Criminal Origins. Holy sh!t I never jumped so many times in my life! Guys popping out from around corners, you hear them off in the distance and see them run across a hallway. Those creatures that slither along the ground... creepy!

maxcer3164d ago

how was condemned2? i have had the game for over a year but never played it(bargain bin $15)

ElementX3164d ago

It's alright, I didn't finish it though. The first one was awesome because it was new, the sequel is more of the same, but if you never played the first, I think you will like it.

Harry_Manback3164d ago

I'll never forget playing the original Silent Hill when the sirens began to sound and all those creepy little things came running out.

That was intense.

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