Top 10 Rock Band Downloadable Tracks

PS3 Attitude writes, "We've dug through the entire DLC track list for the Rock Band series and have pulled what we believe are the best songs. These 10 tracks come from a variety of genres, and each have their own strengths whether it be vocals, guitar, bass, or drums. In the end, it all comes down to one thing though, are they fun to play?"

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Redempteur3136d ago

byob ????

the song that make you bleed from your hands on expert ?

no thanks

spektical3135d ago

the only song i like on here is snow :)

this song is so tiring to play on a real guitar.

JackBNimble3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I'm getting so sick of RockBand, I was a big fan at one time, now I just feel silly playing the game. It doesn't help that HMX seems to cater to the XBOX more then any other console, and when RB3 comes out HMX will be catering to the xbox even more so.

koston36473135d ago

1. RBN exclusivity and long delays for "select songs" on RBN
2. Message of the Day feature absent from Rock Band 2 PS3
3. Exclusive Beatles tracks for Xbox 360 ment for charity...if its for charity let everyone buy it!!!!
4. Long delays on PS3 title updates and software improvements

so much more.

sa_nick3135d ago

Well it's impossible for PS3 to have the RBN because there's no system setup to handle user generated content.

MS have supported the RB franchise financially and with dev help and Sony have not, which explains the exclusivity.

Even though the PS3 update took longer to come out it was better than the xbox one.