This Day in History: Sony's Ken Kutaragi Levels Up

On this day in 1997, Ken Kutaragi -- the "father of the PlayStation" -- was promoted to chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

Kutaragi had been with Sony some twenty years at that point, starting in the mid-70s as an engineer who quickly worked his way up the ranks with his ability to innovate technology and rock the boat that his contemporaries stood on.

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cmrbe3138d ago

The only mistake Sony made is letting this guy go.

Wrathman3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

ken came to sony when the playstation was the only brand in was number 1.13 years later and the ps3 is the 3rd place console WW.and holds a measley 24% market share.


on the other hand..his xbox counterpart launched a console into a market that was monopolised by playstation.and against all odds did what sega and others failed to do.and broke that almost 10 years later the 360 is the gamers choice of console despite being an inferior product in terms of graphics.the 360 has 30% of the market.and is so successful sonys ps3 copies and pastes every piece of software the xbox has with monthly annoying updates.

NEXT IS Kazuo Hirai

sorry Kazuo Hirai..but in the words of donald trump or alan sugar...YOUR FIRED!