New Sniper: Ghost Warrior Screens Released Today

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"City Interactive released new screenshots of it's upcoming sniper sim called Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The screenshots take us through what I can only assume are different locales that the player will experience as he progresses through the game..."

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ABizzel13138d ago

Environments look good. Next time show gameplay clips or better yet a gameplay trailer.

Komega3138d ago

Yeah, wish they would have thrown in some sniping goodness but ah well the game still looks very good.

NegativeCreepWA3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

whoops, wrong article.

dirthurts3138d ago

Anyone know for sure?
Looks sweet.

Komega3138d ago

It's a modded Chrome Engine.

Gamer7l3137d ago

...I didn't know Techland ever licensed their engine. I was actually thinking this looked a lot like Call of Juarez.

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